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  1. reproductive rights
    Which State Will Pass an Extreme Abortion Ban Next?Louisiana is now the eighth state to sign into law a bill banning abortion at or around six weeks.
  2. gerrymandering
    Federal Court Strikes Down GOP Gerrymander in OhioThe judges ruled that the maps were so severely biased in the GOP’s favor they violated the constitutional rights of Democratic voters.
  3. domestic violence
    Ex-Judge Accused of Killing Wife 4 Years After Brutally Assaulting HerLance Mason served nine months for domestic violence. After his release from prison, he was hired by the mayor of Cleveland’s office.
  4. vision 2020
    There’s a New Electoral Map in TownPost-midterms, Democrats are looking over the new contours of the presidential map as they figure out where to take on Trump in 2020.
  5. book review
    War, Drugs, and Other Extremes in the Post-Post-9/11 NovelTwo recent novels, Ohio and Waiting for Eden, try to keep pace with our state of permanent crisis.
  6. Republican in Ohio Special Election Closes Race by Insulting One-Third of Voters“We don’t want someone from Franklin County representing us” said Troy Balderson, who is running to represent portions of Franklin County.
  7. Republicans Seem Very Worried About Tuesday’s Ohio Special ElectionTrump was dispatched to the formerly solid-red district, where the two candidates are now neck and neck — but he might have done more harm than good.
  8. Trump Tweets, Then Deletes, Endorsement of Wrong CandidateThe man with the “very good brain” goofed.
  9. politics
    Stormy Daniels’s Strip-Club Arrest Was Planned in Advance, Emails Indicate“The emails definitely show that the police lied about it being a prostitution and human trafficking mission.”
  10. Supreme Court Opens Door to More Red-State Voter PurgesIn a 5-4 decision, SCOTUS finds a rationale for policing voting rolls in ways that disproportionately affect minorities.
  11. 3 States Are Pushing Medicaid Reforms That Discriminate Against Black PeopleFunny how this works: White midwestern conservative lawmakers are exempting their own rural constituents from Medicaid work requirements.
  12. Favorites Win Nearly Everywhere on First Big Primary Night of 2018With the exception of a GOP House member losing in North Carolina, upsets were few and far between in a four-state primary night.
  13. What to Watch on 2018’s First Super Tuesday of PrimariesWild who’s-the-Trumpiest GOP Senate races in Indiana and West Virginia and a Democratic gubernatorial fight in Ohio are the big events.
  14. In 49 States, Trump Is Even Less Popular Now Than When He Was InauguratedThe president’s doing better in the polls lately. But overall, his popularity since taking office has been in a long slide.
  15. bigotry
    This GOP Campaign Ad Is So Offensive, Even Republicans Want It Taken DownThe chair of the Illinois Republican Party is calling for Illinois State representative Jeanne Ives to take down her anti-trans, anti-woman video.
  16. The Eternal Recurrence of Dennis Kucinich, Candidate for OfficeYes, he’s back. In this incarnation he’s a Fox Democrat running for governor of Ohio.
  17. Are Republicans Violating Your Right Not to Vote?Maintaining the right to vote may depend on keeping people who don’t always vote on the rolls, as a Ohio case before the Supreme Court shows.
  18. whamm!
    A Man Named Bruce Wayne Has Eaten Chipotle for 428 Consecutive DaysThe spokesperson Chipotle needs, but not the one it deserves.
  19. huge tips
    These Crazy-High Tips Greatly Improved Christmas Eve for Restaurant WorkersAn NFL player tipped an entire Applebee’s, and five Waffle House workers walked away with $700 each.
  20. reproductive rights
    Ohio Governor John Kasich Just Banned Abortions for Down Syndrome Diagnoses“They’re very much pro-birth bills; they have nothing to do with actual life.”
  21. white supremacists
    Restaurant That Employed NYT’s ‘Nazi Sympathizer’ Is Under Online AttackThe alt-right is out in full force after Tony Hovater’s firing.
  22. l'amour
    This Ohio Judge Bragged About Sleeping With ‘50 Very Attractive Females’Would you believe he’s also running for governor?
  23. politics
    John Kasich’s Campaign Against Trump Never Stopped. And It Won’t Till 2020.One year after his failed run at president, the Ohio governor is plotting his path to another.
  24. A Confederate Monument Taken Down in Ohio Will Return After Public OutcryYes, Ohio was part of the Union.
  25. Fit Couple Marries at 24-Hour Planet FitnessUntil expiring gym memberships do us part.
  26. Ohio Sues 5 Drug Companies for Fueling the Opioid EpidemicThe firms knowingly misled doctors and patients about the risks inherent to opioid painkillers, the lawsuit alleges.
  27. true crime
    An Ohio Woman Was Found Captive in a Pit in Her Neighbor’s ShedPolice say she was being held in neighbor Dennis Dunn’s shed.
  28. the chain gang
    Boy Steals Dad’s Van and Drives Himself to McDonald’s After DinnerThe 8-year-old told police that he “just really wanted a cheeseburger.”
  29. news you can booze
    A Brewery Wants to Open an Entire Hotel Dedicated to BeerObviously, there’s a beer tap in every room.
  30. reproductive wrongs
    It Just Got a Whole Lot Harder to Get an Abortion in OhioThere are no exceptions for rape or incest.
  31. reproductive wrongs
    People Are Protesting an Abortion Bill by Placing Coat Hangers at the StatehouseAnd some are sending wire hangers directly to Governor Kasich.
  32. politics
    Anti-Choice Politician Says He’s ‘Never Thought About’ Why Women Choose AbortionHe thinks it might have to do with “economics.”
  33. domestic violence
    Man Behind Ohio’s Strictest Anti-Abortion Bill Once Accused of Domestic ViolenceSenator Kris Jordan’s wife called 911 and told officers he had become violent toward her “numerous times.”
  34. dumb ideas
    Sonic Fired a Worker After Someone Posted a Pic of Her Chilling in the Ice BinAnother name for the World’s Dumbest Fast-Food Employees Hall of Fame.
  35. Trump Getting Thumped in Post-Tape-Gate PollsTrump’s 11-year-old endorsement of sexual assault has Ohio looking blue — and Utah and Georgia turning purple.
  36. fine dining halls
    Kent State Opens the Country’s First Gluten-Free Dining HallSorry, “café.”
  37. crime
    Sorority Girl Sentenced to Life in Prison for Killing BabyShe suffocated her newborn in a trash bag.
  38. Ohio Purges Infrequent Voters From RollsOfficials in the Buckeye State have removed tens of thousands of infrequent voters from registration lists. Such voters are disproportionately poor, black, and Democratic.
  39. awful things
    Manhunt on After 8 Family Members Killed in OhioAuthorities believe at least one assailant is still at large, and surviving family members have been offered police protection.
  40. The Republican Establishment Goes to Plan C: John KasichFirst there was Jeb “Shock and Awe” Bush, and then the extremely popular Marco Rubio. Now it’s Kasich’s turn.
  41. feel the bern
    Sanders Campaign Sues Ohio to Let 17-Year-Olds Vote in Democratic PrimarySanders needs the teens.
  42. Moderate Republican John Kasich Defunds Planned ParenthoodEvery liberal’s favorite Republican candidate isn’t so moderate on issues of women’s health care.
  43. Kasich’s Very Iffy Path to the GOP NominationIf John Kasich had some ham, he’d make a ham sandwich, if he had some bread. 
  44. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Fiddling Around With a Chicken-and-Waffles SandwichIt’s being tested in a couple of Ohio locations.
  45. police shootings
    Grand Jury Decides Not to Indict Ohio Officers in Tamir Rice CaseThe 12-year-old boy was killed by a police officer in 2014.
  46. national affairs
    And John Kasich Is the Angry One?In this year’s GOP primary, centrism is the unhinged position.
  47. Tips
    Frustrated Server Takes to Facebook to Explain Why a Customer Was Wrong Not to“… your insecurity as a woman is heartbreaking.”
  48. 4 Ohio Men Charged With Giving Thousands of Dollars to Al QaedaThe men are accused of traveling to Yemen to meet with associates of Anwar al-Awlaki.
  49. ohio is for pot lovers
    Nick Lachey Would’ve Made Billions If Ohio Legalized Weed YesterdayIf enough people voted yes, he could’ve become a billionaire. Sadly, they didn’t.
  50. Special Delivery
    That Church’s $1,000 Tip Saved the Domino’s Driver From EvictionHer good humor about getting semi-humiliated totally paid off.
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