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Old Friends

  1. old friends
    Watch Mel Brooks Remember Sid Caesar With Conan O’Brien “No Sid Caesar, No Mel Brooks.”
  2. old friends
    Deranged Sorority Girl’s Vice Column Is Kind of DepressingRebecca Martinson’s not-very-fun-sounding youthful sexual exploits.
  3. old friends
    Better Call Saul Will Have BB Cast CameosWho do you want to see?
  4. old friends
    Watch Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s Nineties Summer Camp SketchSo much Hootie and the Blowfish.
  5. old friends
    Komen’s Planned Parenthood Defunder Announces Georgia Senate BidKaren Handel is a prominent Republican in Georgia.
  6. old friends
    At Long Last, John McCain Has Won the Battle of the EarmarksLast night Obama vowed to veto any bills with earmarks, which is what McCain has been saying for years.
  7. old friends
    Once Upon a Time, Giant Penguins Roamed the EarthOnce again, scientists have dug into the past and discovered a fantastical new creature.
  8. reckonings
    Chuck Prince, Robert Rubin Apologize for Not Being ‘Prescient,’ PresentLike they needed to be psychic to know the stuff on their books was crap.
  9. old friends
    ABC Steals Matthew Perry From NBCMatthew Perry’s sitcom is headed to ABC.