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  1. old people
    The 2020 Election Will Take Place on Two Different InternetsTrump spending a lot of money to activate Facebook boomers while young people have been abandoning the platform almost entirely.
  2. sex
    How Sex Can Get Better As You Get Older“Sexual wisdom” is the key.
  3. Be Afraid, Teens: Your Parents Are Going to Be on Snapchat SoonThe olds are on their way.
  4. Watch Adam Conover Explain at a Marketing Conference Why Millennials Don’t […]Adam Conover has found a lot of success tearing apart our preconceived notions about things like engagement rings, hymens, and salary […]
  5. New Poll Finds That 10-Year-Olds Think Your Life Is Basically Over at 46On the other hand, United Healthcare also found that 100 year-olds felt healthiest at age 46.
  6. Old People: Still Having SexIn case you were curious. 
  7. aging
    It Takes 65 Years for You to Be Into Your BodThe age of primo body confidence. 
  8. The Oldest Man in the World Died in New York City This TimeAfter a brief stint on top.
  9. Most People Who Watch Bill O’Reilly Are Rapidly Approaching DeathThe median age of Factor viewers has reached a new high: 72.1.
  10. Life Advice From the Oldest Man in the WorldMore tips for living a ridiculously long time, from a New Yorker.
  11. Long Island Nursing Home Sued for Showing Residents Too Good a TimeWith male strippers.
  12. old people
    Study: Actresses Get Less Valuable After Age 34This research on gender, age, income, and Hollywood is a bummer.
  13. Connecticut Woman Arrested for Keying Six Cars, But the Crazy Part Is ...… she’s 73 years old. 
  14. Anthony Weiner Forced to Defend ‘Grandpa’ ComebackHe can’t catch a break.
  15. twilight
    Old People Watch Twilight, React AccordinglyGood question: Where is “all the blood”?
  16. gangnam style
    So, What Do Old People Think of ‘Gangnam Style’?“It’s a little much.”
  17. Meet Kwayzar the Seer, ‘The World’s Oldest Cyber Rapper’Horny goat weed, y’all!
  18. Stephen Colbert Tours the Intrepid and Hangs with an Old Dude and a […] The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive Can we all just agree that […]
  19. Repeal Dodd-Frank? Clown Question, Bro.Seriously, this has to stop.
  20. samuel l. jackson
    Watch a Grandma Read Samuel L. Jackson’s Tweets“Happy New Year, mahfahkkaz!”
  21. 50 shades of grey
    Watch Three Elderly Sisters Read From Fifty Shades of GreyDon’t tell Nana!
  22. New York Times Launching Blog Just for Baby BoomersFinally.
  23. Wall Street Journal Prints a Helpful Guide to Basic American SlangWhat’s Up?/Wassup?”
  24. Study Finds That Old People Smell ... AmazingWell played, science.
  25. Nightlife
    Shuffleboard Bar Coming Soon to GowanusOld-people-themed fun!
  26. star wars
    Meet ‘Jedi Grandma’Luke, I am your nana.
  27. Bloomberg Refers to Skype as ‘Snipe’ During Senior-Center VisitSilly Bloomie!
  28. Ed Koch Replies to All His E-mails in LonghandThe elderly + technology. It never gets old.
  29. viral videos
    Watch a Senior-Citizen Flash Mob at TargetDo they know it’s Christmas? Sure. Do they know what a Glee mash-up is? DOUBT IT.
  30. dubstep
    Watch Someone’s Grandpa Listen in Astonishment to SkrillexMuch like many year-end lists, Grandpa Al hates Skrillex, tolerates Foster the People.
  31. Marketing Gimmicks
    Mamma Mia! Italian Michelin-Starred Chef Slinging Burgers for McDonald’s!Gualtiero Marchesi knows where the kids eat these days.
  32. Britain’s Prince Philip: Still a Jerk, After 90 YearsDo you still throw spears at each other?”
  33. Republicans Owe Yesterday’s Victories to Old People, Even More Than UsualThis might not be a good thing.
  34. The Pastimes of New York’s Very, Very Old PeopleWhat you do when you’re 111 years old.
  35. Japan Has Somehow Misplaced Most of Its Extremely Old PeopleMany people who were supposed to be really old are either missing or died a long time ago.
  36. Septuagenarian With Cane, Oxygen Tank Robs StoreAnd that’s not the best part of this story.
  37. New Jersey Denies Old People Fun New PastimeAsbury Park won’t go topless after all.
  38. american idol
    What’s With the Old Bands on the Idol Finales?The Bee Gees? Alice Cooper? Hall & Oates? All over 60 years old.
  39. 93-Year-Old Mobster Busted for Shaking Down Strip JointsAlso, the oldest woman in the world died.
  40. tv
    See a Preview of Sunset Daze, a Jersey Shore for the ElderlyBecause old people can be slutty, drunk, and ridiculous, too.
  41. Inspired by Nigerian Scam Artists, Grandma Turns to Life of CrimeIs Nigerian Syndrome the new Stockholm Syndrome?
  42. Ridiculously, Unfathomably Old Woman Is DiscoveredThis spry 130-year-old would easily be the oldest person ever recorded.
  43. music
    Meet D.J. Ruth Flowers, the 69-Year-Old Party StarterShe’s tearing up the Paris nightclub scene, and she is incredible.
  44. Mayor Succeeding in Diabolical Plan to Make Us All Live LongerHooray.
  45. If Björk Is Nearby, No One Will Notice You Are Peeing in PublicThat is a thing Craig Wedren, of the seminal D.C. band Shudder to Think, learned while touring New York in the nineties.
  46. Americans Are Living Longer Than Ever78 years! Not bad.
  47. The Coming Old SurgeBy 2040 we’ll be old. But at least old will be trendy.
  48. outdoor music
    All Points West Fest Lineup Okay, MostlyHeadliners: Coldplay, Tool, and the Beastie Boys.
  49. Septuagenarian Finance Worker Robs BankThe statistics on Old Crime are going to be insane this year.
  50. It’s Always the Quiet OnesA 75-year-old hedge-fund manager goes missing on the day he is supposed to produce $50 million.
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