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The Coming Old Surge

By 2040 we'll be old. But at least old will be trendy.

By Jessica Pressler

It’s Always the Quiet Ones

A 75-year-old hedge-fund manager goes missing on the day he is supposed to produce $50 million.

By Jessica Pressler

McCain’s Five Oldest Debate Moments

McCain didn't help himself last night by repeatedly doing and saying things that, frankly, made him seem even older than he already appears.

By Dan Amira

Tom Brokaw Saved MSNBC From Itself

According to the former NBC News anchor, it was his idea to tone down Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, and also he who saved the network's relationship with the McCain campaign.

By Chris Rovzar

Ed Koch Is Still Alive

The former mayor is the new poster child for Life Alert. And he didn't even fall without being able to get up!

McCain Gaffe Makes Him Seem Older Than Ever

This may seem like a superficial issue, and that's because it very much is. But deep beneath the superficiality, this could be something that actually matters.

Mrs. Bojangles Needs a Roommate

Looking to share a cheap pad with a mature roommate? Look no further than Craigslist, where a woman is offering the second bedroom of her Murray Hill apartment for only $700 a month. There's a catch, though:
I am an elderly lady, in my 70's. I am looking for someone lovely to live in the second bedroom(lovely people only). I am not thrilled about living with someone but I could use the extra cash. I have only one rule. You must wear a belt I designed that has bells all over it. I do this so I know when you are in the appartment and where in the appartment you are. If you have friends over, they must wear the device as well. I only have 2, so no more than 1 friend over.
Hear that? Only one friend. $700 LOOKING TO SHARE MY APPARTMENT WITH SOMEONE LOVELY (Murray Hill) [Craigslist]