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  1. fashion's night out
    Where to Be on Fashion’s Night OutEighteen can’t-miss spots for shopping, drinking, elbow-rubbing, and generally proving to your Midwestern friends how cool New York is.
  2. loose threads
    Soon You Can Shop Zara Online; Tom Ford Hires Women’s Shoe ConsultantAlso, model Catherine McNeil has quite a few pages in September’s Australian ‘Vogue.’
  3. inner city life
    The City Producers Are Supposedly ‘Desperate’ for New Story Lines for Olivia PalermoLike, something involving her love life.
  4. inner city life
    The City Recap: Destiny Is Not an Express Train to an Office Where Everything Is PinkIf this was the series’ last episode, it was a pretty good one.
  5. berlin fashion week
    Berlin Fashion Week: The Good, the Bad, and the TerrifyingIt’s one cracked-out, no-holds-barred fashion spectacle.
  6. inner city life
    The City Recap: Roxy Has Had It With Whitney’s Diva BehaviorAnd she’s holding strong on her promise to move out.
  7. inner city life
    The City Recap: An Unknown Pop Star Finally Tears Whitney and Roxy ApartWho is Lights and what is she doing on our show?
  8. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Doesn’t Walk in Ke$ha’s ShoesBut she can fake it, kind of.
  9. inner city life
    Robbie Myers Is Fine With Nationally Televising Elle’s CatfightsIt makes good TV, she says.
  10. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Palermo Is Joe Zee’s Little PonyRobbie Myers totally lied about firing her.
  11. inner city life
    The City Recap: The End of Olivia Palermo?We hope not.
  12. inner city life
    The City Recap: Anne Slowey Tells Whitney She’s Not a ‘Real Designer’Whitney cried SO HARD on the inside.
  13. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Palermo ‘Can Talk to a Park Bench’Also, Kelly and Roxy find their freak solidarity.
  14. inner city life
    The City Recap: Whitney Is a Full-Grown New York Woman Now!She’s using men and everything!
  15. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Palermo Will Not End Up on Welfare, But Whitney MightOur recap of last night’s episode explains all.
  16. inner city life
    The City Recap: Roxy Resumes Her Lust for Greasy HairReview her epic conversation with Tight-Tee Zach in our recap of last night’s episode.
  17. inner city life
    The City Recap: Whitney Works Hard, Olivia Hardly WorksOur recap of the season premiere lies within.
  18. inner city life
    Q&A: Whitney Port on Olivia Palermo’s Journalistic Integrity, the New Season of The City, and More!Season two starts TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
  19. inner city life
    Olivia Palermo Is Guest Personal-Style Blogging for British Vogue!Does this count as cyber-cheating on Elle.com?
  20. party lines
    Olivia Palermo Denies ‘Friction’ With Whitney Port, Forbids City Cameras From Going Near Her BoyfriendAnd yet she says of Whitney’s line, “I guess there are people out there that like it.”
  21. inner city life
    Olivia Palermo Becomes a ‘Reporter’ and Whitney Port Becomes a ‘Young Designer’ on the New Season of The City!Also, Whitney wears a really embarrassing jumpsuit!
  22. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Reality Stars Love Badgley — or Is It That Badgley Loves Reality Stars?Why was the cast of ‘The City’ there? Or, rather, where was Whitney?
  23. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Olivia Palermo’s Hair Defies Logic at PreenAnd Julia Restoin-Roitfeld is starting to look strikingly like her mother.
  24. where you sit defines who you are
    News Flash: The More Editors Cover a Label, the Better Their SeatEverything you wanted to know about how Fashion Week seating charts work.
  25. slashies
    Video: Olivia Palermo Is in Love! With a Slash!Who’s excited for Valentine’s Day?
  26. gossipmonger
    Marilyn Manson Got Another Woman to Agree to Marry HimEvan Rachel Wood, we’re so happy for you!
  27. inner city life
    Everyone Fought on the Season Finale of The City, and It Was So GreatNo bitchy comment shall go undocumented in our recap!
  28. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone Drumming Up Excitement for Her Bravo Show by Cursing on Fox NewsThe taped action on Bravo begins February 1.
  29. look of the day
    Olivia Palermo and Gabourey Sidibe Share a Photo OpOf course, this is our look of the day.
  30. party lines
    Olivia Palermo Will Dress Like a Hippie If She Feels Like ItAlso, she wants her own fashion line. Try to act surprised.
  31. gossipmonger
    Madonna Is Allowed to Grind With Dudes If Jesus Luz Is WatchingAnd if the dudes are fashion gays.
  32. inner city life
    The City Goes to the Hamptons!Relive the epic douchiness in our recap of last night’s episode.
  33. inner city life
    Freddie Fackelmayer Should Not Have Brought His Dad on The CityEnjoy a recount of the humility in our recap from last night’s episode.
  34. inner city life
    The City Girls Try Not to Screw Up Their CareersEnjoy our recap of last night’s episode.
  35. inner city life
    Whitney Is Still a Pushover and Olivia Is Still Mean on The CitySeason two has begun and our recaps are back.
  36. inner city life
    Whitney Port Convinces MTV to Let Her Show Her Reality on Season Two of The CityWhitney answers a few of our most burning questions about the second season of her reality show.
  37. inner city life
    Olivia Palermo Designs Jewelry NowAnother celebrity turned designer? Shocking.
  38. beauty marks
    Leigh Lezark to Become Hair Ambassador; Creed Plans New York Flagship StoreAnd lip wigs were a big hit at the Charlie Le Mindu show in London.
  39. party report
    Allie Crandell Leaves The City“I’m trying to focus on myself and mingle in New York City,” says the model.
  40. show and tell
    Whitney Port (and Her Crotch-Skimming Hemlines) Steals the Spotlight in Group ShowWhy should reporters talk to the Nicholas K designer when you can talk to an MTV reality star?
  41. loose threads
    Gen Art Struggles; Rihanna’s Court Attire Shamelessly FlauntedAlso, the fall 2009 Dolce & Gabbana and D&G campaigns are out.
  42. gossipmonger
    Rihanna Having Secret Dates on City RooftopsThat, and the rest of today’s low-filled gossip fest.
  43. party fouls
    Gemma Ward and Jay Lyons Missed Their Celebrity-D.J. Sets Last NightJay didn’t show because he doesn’t want to be associated with ‘The City’ anymore.
  44. inner city life
    Olivia Palermo to Get Job at Elle?Who will she torture in the office, if not Whit?
  45. gossipmonger
    Jessica Szohr Reads Chick Lit Aloud to Her BoyfriendWhich is unfortunate, because we wanted that relationship to last. Plus, Jim Cramer threatens to open up a can of whoop-ass on Jon Stewart, and more in our daily gossip roundup.
  46. fashion yearbook
    Obsessing Over the Clothes at Beyoncé’s Obsessed PremiereOur thoughts on Beyoncé’s Balmain train, Tinsley Mortimer’s handbag, and Christian Siriano’s pants.
  47. inner city life
    Whitney Port Flees Diane Von Furstenberg for People’s RevolutionThis should make season two much more entertaining than season one!
  48. inner city life
    Whitney Port Hates the Spotlight“I break down a couple of times a week, at least,” she says.
  49. inner city life
    Whitney Finally Stands Up for HerselfWhere has our doormat gone?
  50. quote machine
    The City’s Olivia Palermo Wants You to Know She’s Not Cold and Ruthless in Real LifePlus: Little Steven’s shocking confession!
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