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Deon Cole(’s Bit) Dies

I'm going to miss Deon Cole because he's totally dead now. Sometimes when you put yourself in risky situations, like a trampoline or a bit where you fall onto mat, the risk comes to a head and you die on national television. And who are we to [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Let Dave Hill Explain Olympic Sports to You

The Olympics are confusing. Some events take place on courts, some in pools, some with rifles. Luckily, Dave Hill is working with BBC America to explain how sports work to the common man. Like how the goal of the floor exercise is ungracefully [...]

By Jesse David Fox

The Complete Guide To Everything: The 2012 Olympics

Tom and a very sick Tim talk about the Olympics and naturally have a lot of questions about various events (mostly about the possibility of awarding medals to horses). Also, Tim talks chicken fingers and Tom reveals his past as an expert [...]

By Splitsider Editors