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OpenHouse NYC: Artists And Upscale Condos in Symbiosis?

In the most recent edition of New York's collaboration with OpenHouse NYC, S. Jhoanna Robledo reports on the growing partnerships between artists and the owners of residential buildings hoping to nurture creativity and awareness. "Hopefully the artists will sell some work and the owners will sell some condos," explains curator Danny Simmons. Click above to see the video, and witness how once again, your building isn't as cool as the ones on TV. OpenHouse NYC: Artists and Condos [NYM Video]

OpenHouse NY: Triple Assessment

What's a well-finished studio/loft in Tribeca worth? Jhoanna Robledo asks three brokers their opinion on one at 55 White Street in this week's installment of Open House New York, New York's partnership with LX.TV and WNBC-TV. Click through to watch the video.

Real-Estate Porn Stars

This weekend is time, once again, for the Caligulan orgy of real-estate porn known as Open House New York. It's inarguably one of the city's coolest events, when we all get the chance to traipse though mysterious architectural treasures around the city — abandoned churches, musty attics, monuments' innards, and so on — like a bunch of crazed kids. Or, at least, like crazed kids with enough sense to make some calls first: A lot of the sites are open only to guided tours, and they tend to fill up fast. Among the weekend's highlights: a walk on the High Line (our friends at Curbed are especially psyched for that one), a tour of an abandoned Ellis Island hospital (No kids permitted! Wear sturdy shoes!), a cemetery-set dance performance for the morbidly artistic, and a "Sustainable New York" program for the terminally good. You can also visit a drool-worthy multilevel live-work loft on Duane Street whose owners are more than eager to show us their "illuminating interior courtyard" and "hybrid bookshelf-stair." Because illuminating courtyards are a dime a dozen. But a bookshelf-stair? Now that's something to see. Weekend [Open House New York]