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  1. classical music review
    Classical Music Review: The Prototype FestivalCan it grow without disappointing those who treasure it most?
  2. opera review
    The Met’s The Merry Widow Tries to Put a Fresh Twist on an Airy ClassicBut it takes so long to warm up that it barely reaches the temperature of day-old bathwater before the final dose of foam.
  3. Opera Review: Do Not Skip Lady Macbeth of MtsenskWhy doesn’t this production come back more often?
  4. opera review
    Opera Review: The Death of Klinghoffer Is Best Performed As a Concert“A score of many beauties soldered to a questionable premise.”
  5. controversies
    The Trouble With Klinghoffer Isn’t Quite What You Think Will an opera about terrorists ever not be timely?
  6. opera
    Opera Review: Le Nozze di FigaroIt’s marvelous to see the Met’s motley armies working in lockstep again.
  7. look of the day
    Jemima Kirke Wore Pink Hair to the OperaTo match her dress.
  8. opera
    From One Crisis to the Next at the MetNow that the Met’s next few seasons are assured, Peter Gelb can get back to making sure that opera matters.
  9. opera
    The Problems, and Power, of The PassengerA Holocaust opera at the Armory.
  10. opera
    The Muddled Logic of the Met’s Death of Klinghoffer PullbackIt’s offensive, but apparently not that offensive.
  11. opera
    Davidson on the Secret Star of the Metropolitan Opera’s ArabellaIt’s not the singer in the title role.
  12. opera
    Opera Review: Prince Igor Marches an Army Back Into the MetNoseda’s opening night in New York felt more gloriously Russian than Putin’s in Sochi.
  13. opera review
    Opera Review: An Uplifting Billy Budd at BAM“As if Britten had cast a spell on the physical world and turned it into a topography of sound.”
  14. opera review
    Opera Review: The Met’s Satiating New FalstaffA twentieth-century setting for the ages.
  15. the unexpected
    Pvt. Danny Chen’s Life and Death Being Turned Into an Opera“After all, opera is not just entertainment.”
  16. exit interviews
    George Steel on Trying to Save City Opera: ‘It Almost Worked’“I discovered that the company was in much worse shape than I had understood.”
  17. classical music review
    Davidson: Anna Nicole the Opera Is a Big Bust“The American idioms appear to have sprung from a phrase book edited on another planet.”
  18. fall preview 2013
    Justin Davidson on the Anna Nicole OperaAs the opera Anna Nicole makes its first trip to New York, its composer is having second thoughts.
  19. carmen
    Hear Carmen Played on Everyday ObjectsIt’s like the theme song to Home Improvement. Just … opera!
  20. opera
    Justin Davidson on Peter Gelb’s Operatic Tyranny“Gelb has only his own judgment to fall back on, and nobody to tell him when it’s flawed.”
  21. first looks
    Exclusive First Look: Rodarte’s Opera Costume Design for Don GiovanniIt’s red, corseted, and frilly.
  22. video games
    Listen to an Opera About Super Mario Bros.Jon and Al Kaplan turn the lowest-brow tenant of pop culture into a highbrow pursuit.
  23. Closings
    Gioco Temporarily Closed by StateGioco loses a permit after falling behind on some taxes.
  24. clickables
    Watch a Few Highlights From Anna Nicole, the Opera“Jimmy Choooos!”
  25. Closings
    Get Ready for Another Gastropub as Opera ClosesOpera quietly closed on New Year’s Eve.
  26. Obituaries
    Noted Contemporary Asian Chef Paul Wildermuth DiesThe noted chef died suddenly on the job.
  27. opera
    Last Night at the Opera: Technology FailThe set for the Met’s “Ring” Cycle misbehaves.
  28. Neighborhood Watch
    Concern Foundation Block Party Held Tomorrow in Hollywood; Marina Del Rey NotThe 36th annual event will feature restaurants like Lawry’s, Little Dom’s, and Grill on the Alley, while a certain smoothie shop definitely won’t make it.
  29. bummers
    Alan Moore Quits Damon Albarn OperaBoo.
  30. Look Who's Popping Up
    Splichal Chases Wagner with WienersPatina’s boss pairs a German biergarten with performances of The Ring Cycle.
  31. impending disasters
    What Disaster Will Befall Terry Gilliam’s Upcoming Opera?We hope the English National Opera has fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, and asteroid insurance.
  32. opera
    The Met Gets a $30 Million GiftUnfortunately, this might not keep the fat lady from singing.
  33. chat room
    Gordon Gietz Plays The NoseThe tenor talks about his unorthodox Metropolitan Opera debut.
  34. Personalities
    China Fun’s Delivery Comes With a Side of OperaIf you ask.
  35. psa
    Tune in Tonight to Judge Luc Bondy’s Tosca for YourselfSo far only those who saw ‘Tosca’ live got to be outraged — or to be outraged at the outrage.
  36. drama
    Miuccia Prada Could Not Clothe Opera Extras, So They’re Being ReplacedIt’s like we always say, clothes before people.
  37. Openings
    What to Eat at East, Grand Open TuesdayEast opens in Hollywood.
  38. tosca-gate
    Zeffirelli Puts Bondy on Blast, Again“He’s a very bad director for my money. He should not be allowed to touch these masterpieces.”
  39. in the magazine
    Davidson on Bondy’s Tosca“I hope the Met’s Peter Gelb is already trying to figure out how soon he can scrap this staging.”
  40. beef
    Tosca Beef Heats UpLuc Bondy: “I’m a third-rate director, and he is a second assistant of Visconti.”
  41. The Met’s Tosca Booed on Opening Night“The production made no sense!”
  42. opera
    Rufus Wainwright’s Opera Was Totally Worth a Try, Say CriticsHow are the reviews for ‘Prima Donna’? Mixed!
  43. news reel
    Is Met Opera GM Peter Gelb Spending When He Should Be Cutting?Yes, claim his critics.
  44. the not-so-great outdoors
    The Metropolitan Opera Is Staying in the Air-conditioning This SummerOr at least, the orchestra and chorus will.
  45. opera
    Davidson on New York City Opera’s Pivotal, Newly Announced SeasonThis short-order season is a taut demonstration of what’s made this company so indispensable.
  46. Recession Is Your Friend
    Dinner and an Opera (or Orchestra!)Opera singers accompanying dinner: better than mariachis?
  47. not until the fat lady sings
    Gotham Chamber Opera Sets a Sexy Example for the City’s SceneArtistic director Neal Goren is, improbably, walking on sunshine.
  48. news reel
    Has New York City Opera Found Its New Director?A former executive director of NYCO says the embattled company will appoint George Steel, the former director of Columbia University’s Miller Theater, to the position.
  49. news reel
    Is New York City Opera Headed for Bankruptcy?A former high-ranking staff member says declaring bankruptcy is ‘a real possibility and perhaps a good option.’
  50. news reel
    Breaking: Mortier Backs Out of City OperaThe controversy-loving impresario, who was to have taken over next September, has backed out, leaving the company’s future in a haze and its planning in disarray.
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