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    Director Len Wiseman Leaves The Mummy RebootFingers crossed.
  2. Opportunities
    3rd Ward Seeks Vendors for Upcoming CaféAlso, the Goods trailer’s fate is still to be determined.
  3. Opportunities
    Hey, Entrepreneurs, Samuel Adams Wants to Lend You Some MoneyThe brewer goes banker to help launch small businesses.
  4. opportunities
    The Daily Show Needs Real-Estate Advice From a Wealthy PersonThey promise not to make you look like a fool.
  5. opportunities
    Honors Grad With Six-Pack Abs Seeks ‘6 x 3 Corner’Will run errands, cook, teach languages in exchange for “three lined-up cushion chairs.”
  6. opportunities
    Bedbug Law Emerges As Hot New Field in Vermin-Infested New YorkIn the criminal justice system, bloodsucking is considered especially heinous.
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    Queens Artist Seeks Bearfoot ManFor a unique and truly spectacular-sounding experience.
  8. opportunities
    Reality Show Seeks ‘Geeky’ RomanticsPerverts and psychos will not necessarily be discouraged from applying.