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Scandal Recap: On the Rocks

This week was heavy on cringe-inducing Oval Office conversations and watching Fitz spin into an alcoholic spiral.

By Danielle Henderson

Nashville Recap: Family Ties

Oh, that Liam — he tends to bring out the rock-star-on-a-bender side of our girl Rayna.

By Max Weiss

Modern Family Recap: Bixby Forever

Valentine’s Day Eve and we open on Phil Dunphy’s alter ego — turtleneck aficionado and human Wikipedia of pickup lines.

By Zach Dionne

The Following Recap: Magnets!

Carroll keeps telling Hardy that he’s just getting started, but the show’s premise seems already to be running out of steam.

By Starlee Kine

Downton Abbey Recap: The Thomas Affair

This episode finally allowed some beams of hopeful sunshine to stream through the bleakness that has characterized much of season three.

By Jen Chaney