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The Hills Needs a Peace Accord

In this week's episode, Heidi makes an earnest plea for reconciliation with Lauren. You can imagine how that went over.

By Emma Rosenblum

Mad Men: Endgame

With just four episodes left, the pace is quickening. And this week, the show goes even darker.

By Logan Hill

‘Heroes’: The Buddy-Movie Episode

With all the different permutations 'Heroes' has gone through, the one thing it has never been is a buddy-cop movie. Well, check that off the list.

By Will Leitch

Gossip Girl Allows Its Light to Shine

‘Gossip Girl’ attacks the city at its very heart: Fashion Week. We tell you what was real and unreal.

By Jessica Pressler and Chris Rovzar

‘Entourage’: Desperate Times Call for You Know What

Vince recognizes his lowered place in the Hollywood firmament, Eric learns that success and loyalty might not go together, and Drama sinks further into his broken-hearted alcoholic haze.

By Kristal Hawkins

Dexter Season Premiere: Fresh Blood

There's a big, shocking, bum-bum-bum reveal at the episode's end, which constitutes a spoiler, so be warned!

By Adam Sternbergh

The Office Season-Premiere Shocker!

For about three seasons, devoted ‘Office’ fans have been waiting for the shoe to drop on the Pam and Jim relationship, but the perils of their plotline were obvious from the first episode.

By Will Leitch