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  1. overreactions
    Teacher Finds New Way to Shame a High-School Girl for Her WardrobeReviving a classic move.
  2. The Sanitation Department Does Not Take Kindly to TipsGarbage men fined $2,000 for accepting $5 gratuity.
  3. Conservatives on Twitter Impeach ObamaA predictable reaction from Twitter’s darker corners.
  4. Dick Armey Took Over FreedomWorks in an Armed CoupAnd it earned him $8 million.
  5. Wow, Terrible: Walking Dead EditionA Long Island man takes zombies very seriously.
  6. Arizona Gun Store Bans Obama Voters Who Identify Themselves As SuchIt will no longer sell to Obama voters.
  7. One Week in, Eric Dondero Hasn’t Totally Stuck to His BoycottAlso, he likes this whole secessionist movement.
  8. Florida Man Commits Suicide Over Obama WinHe scrawled some not nice things about Obama on his will.
  9. overreactions
    Natalie Portman’s Dior Mascara Ad Banned in the U.K.The overzealous Advertising Standards Agency strikes again.
  10. American Flag Gets Last LaughA Pakistani protester died from inhaling the smoke of a burning American flag.
  11. Anti-U.S. Protests Spark Up Again in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Beyond [Updated]After a brief calm, violence is again raging across the Middle East.
  12. Tense Calm Descends on Muslim World After Protest-Less Saturday After twenty-some countries were racked by anti-U.S. demonstrations on Friday.
  13. Innocence of Muslims Director Specializes in Soft-Core PornAlan Roberts is also behind the Happy Hooker trilogy.
  14. Rioters Chant ‘Obama, Obama, We Are All Osamas’More heartwarming developments from the Muslim world.
  15. Muslim Rioters Taking Anger Out on Fast-Food Joints NowA KFC and a Hardee’s were burned in Lebanon.
  16. Some People Really Hate Being Told to ‘Calm Down’They’ll stab you over it. 
  17. Another Facebook Redesign Rocks the NationBehold the jokes and overreactions.
  18. Joan Rivers, a.k.a. Joan Rosenberg, a.k.a. Potential TerroristJoan Rivers is deemed a suspicious character by airport security.
  19. Beware the Call of the Subway Emergency-Exit DoorLest you end up in jail for 28 HOURS.