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Paleo Diet

  1. presidential diets
    The Politics of Presidential DietingProving fitness is more important for male candidates than ever before. But the Iowa State Fair presents a conundrum.
  2. debunking
    Paleo Truther Scandal: Carbs Were in the CavesTubers for everyone!
  3. No Bones About It
    A New Paleo Cookbook for Kids Is on Hold After Officials Warn Its Recipes CouldPlease don’t give your little ones bone broth instead of formula.
  4. Beef
    A Paleo Chef Has Been Accused of Deleting Anti-Paleo Facebook PostsDisparaging words might interfere with his line of “Paleo is the new black” t-shirts.
  5. Paleo Was the Most Googled Diet of 2013Lots and lots of bison.
  6. diet lies
    Shocking: Your Paleo Diet Is Probably InaccurateCrossFitters, take note: Here’s how to really do the diet correctly. 
  7. fad diets
    Team Grub Sheds Light on the Lady Paleo Tribe“A woman on this diet plan is the anti-Gwyneth.”