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Parents These Days

  1. school daze
    Long Island Middle School Has the World’s Least Fun RecessEverything is banned. 
  2. parents these days
    Queens Parents Freak Out Over Toy Gun in ParkThe police got involved.
  3. parents these days
    Botox Mom Was Lying All Along [Updated]“The truth is I have never given my daughter Botox.”
  4. parents these days
    The Botoxed 8-Year-Old in California Has Been Taken From Her MotherThe child is doing well.
  5. parents these days
    The Mom Who Gives Her 8-Year-Old Botox Is Under InvestigationThe San Francisco Human Services Agency is disturbed by the unknown origins of the Botox, for one.
  6. parents these days
    Video: A Mom Who Gives Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox Injections Faces Morning TelevisionThe daughter competes in beauty pageants, of course.
  7. parents these days
    Parents Say Some Disturbing Things About Putting Their Babies in Skinny JeansLike: “Babies and toddlers have big bellies, and skinny jeans are not for people with big bellies.”