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  1. book excerpt
    Parker Posey’s Life in Christopher Guest MoviesIn an excerpt from her new memoir, You’re on an Airplane, the actress reflects on Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and Guest’s zen talents.
  2. Lost in Space Gets a Fine, But Not Must-Watch RebootThere is still plenty of danger, Will Robinson. Also: lots of Parker Posey.
  3. trailer mix
    Watch This Lost in Space Trailer That’s Only About Parker Posey’s Dr. SmithNice to meet you, Dr. Smith.
  4. casting couch
    Parker Posey to Play Dr. Smith in Lost in SpaceA real reason to say, “Danger, Will Robinson!”
  5. the industry
    John Cho Is Starring in a New Movie About Modern ArchitectureIt’s called Columbus.
  6. shes the boss
    12 Famous Women on Their MentorsSuccessful women reflect on the role models who influenced their careers along the way, from agents to therapists to best friends to moms.
  7. Parker Posey on Her Eccentric Look in Party Girl“Todd Oldham loaned us a pair of sequined rhinestone shorts.”
  8. party pics
    Rita Ora and Chrissy Teigen Ate Doughnuts in the Park Plus Kim Kardashian, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other highlights from this week’s parties.
  9. party lines
    Party Pics: Lupita Nyong’o, Winona Ryder, Elle Fanning, and More Highlights from this week’s party circuit.
  10. Parker Posey and Eugene Mirman Cast in Comedy Central’s ‘Crazy House’The cast of Nick Turner and Lee Rubenstein’s Comedy Central pilot Crazy House is beginning to take shape with some great names, Variety […]
  11. the cut portfolio
    Seen at Fashion Week: In the Shadows at Jason Wu, rag & bone, and MorePlaying the voyeur has never felt so rewarding.
  12. the hit list
    The 13 Awesome Moments From Day One at Fashion WeekThe Cut will be here all week with our morning Hit List, compiling the highs and lows of NYFW.
  13. party dump
    Party Pics: The Most Fun Celebrity Moments of the WeekFrom breakfast at the Breslin to cocktails at sunset.
  14. happy father's day
    Daddy Issues Aplenty at Chic ‘Literary Salon’Women writers on their fathers at Café Society.
  15. party dump
    Partiers of the Week: Franco, Love, Lyons, and MoreGuess who posed with two Playboy bunnies.
  16. party chat
    Parker Posey Is Extremely Worried About Citi Bike and She Doesn’t Know Why“I feel like an old lady.”
  17. party dump
    Partiers of the Week: See Leo DiCaprio, Alexa Chung, and More Get WildBut first, guess who rode a camel?
  18. party chat
    Stefano Tonchi Has Tons of Extra Closet Space, But Parker Posey Doesn’tNo huge fish tanks, though.
  19. party chat
    Parker Posey: ‘I’m Not Anti-Hipster; I’m an Aging Hipster’A turtle-inspired conversation about prehistoric times and hipster hair.
  20. Parker Posey Tells How She Ended Up on ‘Louie’“I did a benefit reading at his kids’ school… and it was the greatest cast ever: Marisa Tomei, Nathan Lane, Mario Cantone — Mike Daisey did […]
  21. overnights
    New Girl Recap: Congrats on Your Penis, ManSeason two of New Girl begins with multiple endings.
  22. Parker Posey Teaches You How To Win an Emmy (or at Least Accept One) I always told friends, “I don’t want to become an actor because what happens when I win an Emmy!? I wouldn’t know what to say.” Now […]
  23. emmys 2012
    Watch Parker Posey Play an Acting Coach“So awkward and scary!”
  24. Roy’s Coming Back to ‘The Office’, Parker Posey Penis Party Girl, and a […]- Do call it a comeback, he hasn’t be here for years. The former almost Mr. Pam Beesly, Roy, is coming back to The Office’s office. David […]
  25. casting couch
    Parker Posey Heading to New GirlFor the season-two premiere.
  26. vulture reads
    Long Reads: Springsteen, the Phoenixes, PoseyAnother excuse to stay indoors. 
  27. Parker Posey Describes Her ‘Louie’ Character as Maude+Mary Poppins+Mary […]“It felt like a composite of Ruth Gordon from Harold and Maude, and there’s kind of Mary Poppins, Mary Tyler Moore too, like is this for real? […]
  28. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz: How Posey Made Louie an Even Greater ShowParker Posey’s two episodes are among the most revelatory we’ve seen this year.
  29. chat room
    Parker Posey on Landing Louie and Almost Playing His Shrink“He was like, ‘I really want you to come on my show and play my therapist.’”
  30. sundance 2012
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has His Beatles Moment at SundanceAnyone for an actor-led singalong of “Hey Jude”?
  31. sundance
    Julie Delpy Had to Abandon Her Own Sundance Panel Discussion to Go to the HospitalMovie publicity does not trump a blinding migraine.
  32. Parker Posey on the Glory Days of Sundance and the Perils of Modern-Day Indie Filmmaking“It costs a lot of money to get your film shown and to get it supported in our culture right now, so it’s always bittersweet.”
  33. Sundance Premieres Will Feature Celeste and Jesse, Adam Scott, Lizzy […]The Sundance 2012 premieres have been announced, and like this year’s film selections they include lots of comedyfolk! We’ve got Andy Samberg […]
  34. Madonna, Chloe Sevigny, and Valentino at W.E.Plus Anderson Cooper, Olivia Palermo, Andrea Riseborough, and more.
  35. exclusive
    The Good Wife May Give Christine Baranski a New, Younger ManParker Posey is also stopping by the show.
  36. overnights
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Death to Crepe-townPawnee must summon all of its fortitude to take on its mortal enemy: the adjoining swanky town of Eagleton.
  37. Celebrity Settings
    Parker Posey Spotted at Arlequin; John C. Reilly Lunched at Grand CaféAlso, Josh Lucas was spotted at Venticello.
  38. Parker Posey Guest Starring on This Week’s Parks and Rec Well, this is pretty great. The always-amazing Parker Posey is guest starring on this week’s Parks and Rec as high-society […]
  39. casting couch
    Parker Posey to Guest on Parks and RecreationAs Leslie Knope’s rival.
  40. party lines
    Connelly at New York Academy of Art Tribeca BallTry saying that five times fast.
  41. party lines
    Parker Posey Knows Who to Call When She Has a Mouse in the House“I called a girlfriend, a lesbian. She threw it out the window.”
  42. the industry
    Hawaii Five-O 2.0Plus: Parker Posey! Bradley Whitford! Opposite Day!
  43. gossipmonger
    Would You Have Sex With Lady Gaga?That’s what one British tabloid wants to know. It’s kind of a really good question, when you think about it.
  44. ticked off
    Parker Posey Drops Out of Off Broadway Play for Non-Sushi-Related ReasonsIn her case, it’s Lyme disease and not a case of mercury poisoning.
  45. design hunting
    Design Hunting: The Couturier of Paint, the Great Vladimir Kagan, and Jessica Stam’s Living RoomThe latest finds from our tireless design editor.
  46. chat room
    Parker Posey Goes Into Detail About ‘Throwing Off the Hump’Get your minds out of the gutter, it’s not a sex thing … or is it?
  47. party lines
    Parker Posey Has a New ManWe spotted the indie actress on the arm of artist Scott Lenhardt last night at the Tribeca Film Festival.
  48. gossipmonger
    Gwyneth and Chris Ditching Madonna for Beyoncé and Jay-Z?Man, who knew the clean-living types play on the same playground we do?
  49. Mediavore
    Production Lounge Plays Race Card; Fast-food Pizza on the DeclinePlus: Tropicana drops its new carton design, and how ripping off Mr. Softee will cost you, all in our morning news roundup.
  50. the industry
    Keira Knightley and Colin Farrell to Possibly Kill Each Other on FilmPlus: Some serious witch action.
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