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‘PatriotHole’: How the Fake News Makes Fun of Fake News

Doug Baxter is close to figuring out what the Clinton Foundation is really up to. He’s still connecting the dots, but so far it seems that the Clintons have been funneling billions of dollars to research institutions around the country in order [...]

By John Schneider

A Horrifying Parody Series That May Be True

Today, Splitsider has the dubious honor of premiering the third and most recent episode of Modern Aliens: A Documentary Periodical, written and directed by Jordan Jaffe and a harbinger of worldwide doom.

By Luke Kelly Clyne

My Favorite Genre Parody Sketch (Right Now)

A few weeks ago, I covered iO sketch group Redford in all of their glory. This week, I'm back to celebrate Redford, even though I really don't want to so close to the last time, but here's the thing: their 70s Gangster is the a perfect, [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne

Remembering Garry Shandling’s Early Version of Larry Sanders

I would much prefer that the article I’m writing today was about an old episode of Letterman or Conan, but today we look back at one of the late Garry Shandling’s classic specials. Garry hasn’t appeared much in From the Archives, and that’s not [...]

By Ramsey Ess