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Margaret Cho Wants to Get in Bed With Lesbohan

She'd like to lure the celebrity couple into a sexual situation that we had to look up in order to fully comprehend. Plus, she thinks we should leave John Edwards alone!

Diddy Could Be a Sex Olympian

We asked the hip-hop mogul if he could invent an Olympic sport where he would be a guaranteed winner. His answer was exactly what you'd expect.

Hollywood Really IS Full of Degenerates

At least night's 'Elegy' premiere, we met a former teenage fire starter, a drunk cheerleader, and a comedian who says that sometimes bad touching can be oh-so-good.

Kirsten Dunst Explains Why We Vote on Tuesdays

The actress is making a documentary about democracy in America, she tells us, and she's already working to get you to vote for Obama — you just haven't realized it yet.