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    Apple Has Patented Some Sort of VaporizerBut it’s probably not gonna let you rip fat clouds.
  2. patently insane
    A New Apple Patent Could Stop You From Filming ConcertsHow will we watch live bands without a tiny screen?
  3. It's Official
    Dominique Ansel’s Cronut Is Now TrademarkedSeven months after its debut, the baker’s doughnut-croissant hybrid is now protected by law.
  4. Eatiquette
    Thank Goodness: Google Patenting Restaurant-Check-Splitting TechnologyIt’s coming to a phone near you, no doubt.
  5. it's science
    L’Oreal Patented a Secret Weapon for Gray Hair Taking over the hair care world?
  6. beefs
    Jury Thinks Samsung Phones Are Too iPhone-LikeGet ready for some more awkward-looking Android phones.
  7. Steak Yums
    ‘Vegas Strip Steak’ Is Less Sinister, More Business-As-UsualDon’t fear the Vegas Strip Steak. It’s only meat.
  8. patently insane
    Apple Claims Minor Victory vs. GoogleYour HTC phone might get a tiny bit more complicated.
  9. when technology attacks
    Newest Apple Patent: The Anti-Sextron 3000But those are among the public’s favorite SMS messages to send and receive!