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DeBragga and Spitler Will Supply Great Steakhouse Meat. Should You Buy It?

Steakhouses are valued for one thing: their meat. There are no chefs, and no one goes there for the décor. So if the meat is available elsewhere, such as DeBragga and Spitler’s new retail operation, why bother with the steakhouse? The beef supplier, one of New York’s most established, was once the source for most of the city’s top steakhouses, and still supplies some of the best, such as Craftsteak and BLT Prime. Now you can buy a steak that is “exactly, absolutely” the same, says DeBragga’s Marc Sarrazin. Other top meat operations, like elite-meat specialist Pat LaFrieda, and small-farm evangelist Heritage Food USA, have made their stuff available to the public as well. So the question is this: Is it worth it?

Real-Life Troy McClure Takes Beef Ethics to the Next Level

Since the death of Phil Hartman, no one besides Troy McClure has embodied the old-fashioned, stentorian-voiced announcer like A&E’s Bill Kurtis. (It was Kurtis who narrated Anchorman — click here for a sound clip.) But what you may not know about the American Justice host is that he owns a huge cattle ranch in Kansas and that his all-natural, pasture-raised, purebred Hereford beef, marketed under the name Tall Grass Beef, will be available soon in New York.