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Patrick McMullan Knows Everyone (Almost)

Patrick McMullan
Everyone we talked to at Patrick McMullan's Glamour Girls book launch party last night at the Whitney agreed: Patrick knows everybody. Just not always their names. Though he signed books with personalized messages for hundreds of guests, he wasn’t always sure exactly who they were. "His mind goes blank sometimes," said designer Esteban Cortazar, McMullan's "friend" for the past ten years. "Then he'll remember it and apologize forever." Michael Musto, godfather to McMullan's son, recalled, "He's always pulling you over to have you meet someone you already know. Once he said, 'Oh Kelly Catrone! Do you know Robbie Catrone?' And they had been divorced. That's why they had the same name." We asked Patrick what his most embarrassing slip-up was. "One time I spit on Kelly Ripa by accident," he said, while socialites fawned over him as he sat behind a white lacquered table signing books (purchased by guests for $75 a pop). But there are some women left in the world he has yet to meet. Such as: "The Queen of England. I think her and I would be able to get along,” he said. “We could watch television programs together," he said. "Or Camilla. If we could talk about horses and dogs I think that would be fun." — Amy Odell Get more McMullan gossip from Vera Wang, Muffie Potter Aston, and others at our complete party coverage.

Patrick McMullan Wants to Know Who You Are

Patrick McMullan, the city's best-known photog-about-town, provides a pictorial record of just about every New York party worth mentioning. (In what might shock those who've followed his career since the days of Studio 54, McMullan himself isn't omnipresent; he long ago set up a stable of young men — they're all young men — who help him make a showing at all those events each night.) Usually, the photos end up on his Website, PatrickMcMullan.com, and in all sorts of magazines, including New York. But now they're being displayed in a gallery-ish exhibition. Over the past few weeks, he and curator Gavin Brown have picked photos from the PatrickMcMullan.com archives and dry-mounted them on the walls of the Chelsea bar Passerby, which loses its lease in September. That the whole enterprise may soon be torn down makes the whole thing even more artistic to McMullan, who — in great meta form — snapped photos of people looking at photos through the opening party the other night. Between snaps, he told us the secrets to his success.