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Patrick Pogan

  1. Bicyclist-Shoving Cop Cleared of Assault, But Not of LyingHe faces up to four years in prison.
  2. Bicyclist-Shoving Cop Gives It the Old College TryHere’s why he body-slammed that guy on the bike a couple of years ago.
  3. Cop-Clobbered Biker Fits a Certain StereotypeHe’s not doing any favors to the bike-commuter movement.
  4. Cop Who Clobbered Cyclist IndictedYouTube helped convince a grand jury that the biker wasn’t aiming for him.
  5. Clobbered Times Square Biker VindicatedThe biker who was body-slammed by a cop during a Critical Mass ride was cleared of all charges today.