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Rob Huebel Will Star in a New CBS Pilot with Patrick Warburton

Childrens Hospital and Human Giant star Rob Huebel has a new show in development. Deadline reports that Huebel has been cast as one of the two leads, alongside Patrick Warburton, in a new CBS pilot called Jacked Up. Written by Greg Malins (How [...]

By Bradford Evans

Patrick Warburton Joins Living-Teddy-Bear Comedy Ted

From Greg the Bunny to Mel Gibson's upcoming The Beaver, Americans have long used animate stuffed animals as an avatar of their deep-seated rage and confusion. To whit, Patrick Warburton join's Seth MacFarlane's Ted, which focuses on Mark [...]

By Halle Kiefer

The President Has Never Seen Rocky

In this new CollegeHumor video, the president, played by Seinfeld's Patrick Warburton, reveals to the press corps that he's never seen the original Rocky. It only seems like a slight exaggeration of Washington's level of political discourse.

By Adam Frucci