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A-Rod Has ‘the Heart of a Poet’

He's been writing Madonna love notes. Also gross: Raffaello Follieri is tormented by rat poop in prison, and Artie Lange spanked it eavesdropping on Christina Applegate. All in the gossip roundup!

By Tim Murphy

Today in Gossip: Old Gals Go Bananas

Elizabeth Taylor does tequila shots at the Abbey? Liz Smith compares Cindy Adams and Barbara Walters to Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus? Ian McKellen defaces Bibles? Shazam!

By Tim Murphy

Predictably, ‘Lipstick Jungle’ Star Used to Lust After Andrew McCarthy

Lindsay Price
Lipstick Jungle's Lindsay Price had a childhood crush on her co-star Andrew McCarthy. Tom Hanks walked past Eliot Spitzer's apartment building on 79th and Fifth, but no one recognized him. A Madonna look-alike ran across the second-floor balcony at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction at the Waldorf-Astoria, providing some levity to an otherwise boring event. Fashion Week will relocate to the Tenth Avenue rail yards after 2010. The Queens livery driver who faked the baby rescue weirdly will appear on an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. A documentary about storied Tribeca nightclub the Wetlands opens Friday. Marc Jacobs's boy toy, Jason Preston, got punched in the face outside Hiro after trying to get a guy who had thrown a drink at a girl to apologize.

Tina Fey Confirms Our Suspicions About Paula Abdul

Tina and Paula
Most celebrities these days are all coy when talking about other celebrities, as if they're all in some dumb fucking version of Skull and Bones society and have to protect each other. It's all "Cameron is so great, we had so much fun on the set," and "Did you know that Drew Barrymore never shits ever?" and thus we have to console ourselves with pictures of their cellulite. Fortunately, Tina Fey has taken no vows of silence. Last year, she warmed the cockles of our heart by calling Paris Hilton a "piece of shit" and saying she "looks like a tranny up close." Now, in Playboy, she confirms our suspicions about Paula Abdul, calling her "awful" and "disastrous … in the way she generally appears to be," according to Us Weekly, which has an excerpt of the interview on their site. Back in 2005 when Paula co-hosted SNL Fey was pregnant "and probably a little moody," she told the magazine. "But I remember thinking, 'She's a disaster! I gotta prop this lady up and get her on TV.'" It doesn't really sound like Paula was a big Tina fan, either. Later, they ran into each other on an airplane and simultaneously experienced that thing where you see a celebrity and think it's someone you know. "We both looked at each other like, 'Do I know that girl?'" Fey said. "And then we both had that moment of recognition, and she was like, 'uuuggh.' I saw it register on her face that she had had a terrible time with us." Tina Fey Says Paula Abdul Was Awful As SNL Guest Host [Us Weekly]