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See Pavement Play Colbert

Stephens Malkmus and Colbert discussed the band's countless smash hits before Pavement took the mike.

By Edith Zimmerman

Boat to Go Near Pavement Concert

If you'd like to catch Pavement's upcoming show at the Williamsburg Waterfront but hate dry land, you're in luck.

By Matthew Perpetua

Pavement/Pitchfork Blood Feud!

Pavement guitarist Scott Kannberg refused to allow his band's headlining Pitchfork Festival performance to be webcast on Sunday.

By Lane Brown

Pavement and Sonic Youth Bassist Mark Ibold Slings Hurricanes at Great Jones Cafe

Pavement fans know Mark Ibold as the seminal indie band’s bassist, but regulars of the Great Jones Cafe have known him as their affable bartender for the past seven years. We caught Mark after a stint touring Europe and the West Coast with another legendary outfit, Sonic Youth, and after we unloaded the obligatory “Will Pavement reunite?” question — “Our booking agent seems to think we’re going to be doing a reunion tour sometime in the next couple of years,” he says. “But it’s definitely not official” — we asked him about working at the Jones, where he’s been a customer for two decades.