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Johnny, Neat

The pastry playboy is using spherical ice cubes at PDT.

By Daniel Maurer


What are the World's Dumbest Cocktails?

By Daniel Maurer

PDT’s Fall Menu

The speakeasy's autumn offerings are heavy on the absinthe.

By Daniel Maurer

Pastry Scoop

Nicole Kaplan is out at the Plaza and Johnny Iuzzini is behind the bar at PDT.

By Daniel Maurer

Ponying Up

Peter Meehan and Kevin Patricio team up in what might've been a preview of their upcoming project.

By Daniel Maurer

Aches and Pans

It ain't easy being a chef, especially if you have to deal with Pasta Posture and Barista Arm.

By Daniel Maurer

Ice, Ice Baby: Gleaming the City's Best Cubes

Not until recently have the city’s mixologists been giving frozen water the attention it deserves. A look inside the freezer reveals everything from perfect spheres to raspberry ice to 8" spikes.