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  1. Pedro Espada Jr. Pleads Guilty, Andrew Cuomo GloatsHe admitted to one charge of tax evasion.
  2. Sympathy for the DevilSaying good-bye to Pedro Espada’s political career.
  3. Pedro Espada Accuses Prosecutors of Black MagicRemember Pedro Espada?
  4. Feds: Pedro Espada Cheated on His Taxes TooThis guy just can’t win.
  5. oh albany!
    Pedro Espada Pleads Not Guilty to Embezzlement ChargesSigh.
  6. Is Pedro Espada Going to Pull a Hiram Monserrate?Sure sounds like it.
  7. Espada Concedes Election to Rivera; Maloney and Rangel Victorious (Updated)Gillibrand wins Democratic Senate primary.
  8. Not a Good News Day for ‘Amigos’ Carl Kruger and Pedro EspadaThe ‘Post’ takes on two of Albany’s most embattled pols this morning.
  9. Pedro Espada Is the City’s Top LittererIs there any petty crime this guy can’t excel at?
  10. Pedro Espada Throws $17,000 Check at Fruits and VegetablesA pattern emerges.
  11. Pedro Espada’s Ringtone Is ‘Eye of the Tiger’Because he’s the underdog, see?
  12. Pedro Espada Decides Not to Throw Money at TailorAllegedly, Espada decided he didn’t want to pay for his $1,200 suits.
  13. Pedro Espada Literally Throws Money at His ProblemsYesterday, those problems were protesters.
  14. Pedro Espada Has God on His SideAnd even if he doesn’t, his foes are racist.
  15. Espada Lashes Out at Cuomo As Democrats Push for His Removal [Updated]State senator calls the effort “ill-timed, in bad taste, and un-American.”
  16. apocalypse new york
    Get Ready to Fight Your Neighbor to the DeathGovernor Paterson warns of “anarchy, literally, in the streets” if an emergency spending bill isn’t passed on Monday.
  17. Espada and Diaz Back Down After Paterson Says He Won’t Respond to ‘Threats’Bronx Dems backtrack on previous threats.
  18. oh albany!
    Pedro Espada to Shut Down the Government Again?He makes his announcement on the one-year anniversary of the Albany coup.
  19. dramatic exits
    Pedro Espada Storms Off TV Set When Asked About Residence“Human decency should prevail, even on this show.”
  20. Espada Likely to Be Indicted Within a MonthAfter yesterday’s surprise raid of his health clinic, things are not looking good for the State Senate majority leader.
  21. oh albany!
    State and Federal Authorities Raid Pedro Espada’s Health ClinicThis is not a good week for the state senator.
  22. Andrew Cuomo Files Suit Against Pedro Espada for ‘Looting’ Health ClinicSo far, though, there are no criminal charges.
  23. The Return of East River Bridge Tolls?Pedro Espada, of all people, gets the ball rolling again.
  24. Andrew Cuomo Has ‘Extensive Evidence’ on Espada Business WrongdoingHe says Espada used money from his nonprofit to pay campaign expenses.
  25. oh albany!
    Cracks Forming Between Albany’s ‘Four Amigos’A canceled celebratory dinner reveals some inner conflict in the controversial group.
  26. State Senator Neil Breslin: Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada ‘Should Be in Jail’Apparently, it’s honesty week up in Albany.
  27. Pedro Espada Hires, Fires SlumlordInteresting how this man’s entire history managed to escape Espada until a newspaper mentioned it.
  28. State Senator Daniel Squadron on His ‘Surreal’ First Session in AlbanyThe 29-year-old on serving under Pedro Espada, being called “barely an adult” by a colleague, and discussing his embarrassment with the Albany stalemate.
  29. The Senate Makes It Up to Pedro EspadaAnd Espada makes it up to someone who funneled money meant for AIDS patients into his campaign.
  30. Espada Son Never Even Showed Up for Cushy State GigYou’d think, for a $120,000 made-up position, you’d at least test out the office coffee.
  31. oh albany!
    Cuomo Reviewing Espada Son’s New State Senate Gig (Updated)“The attorney general’s office has been considering the legality of the appointment since it first came to light on Monday.”
  32. Pedro Espada’s Son Begs to DifferLazy and not so smart.”
  33. Pedro Espada’s Son Hired for Cushy State Senate JobPedro Espada Jr. is making $120,000 for an “intergovernmental relations” job that never existed before.
  34. The Albany Stalemate Is Finally, Officially, Mercifully OverBills gets passed! Do our eyes deceive us?
  35. Espada’s Re-Defection: Not Good for Gay MarriagePedro’s been posing for too many pictures with fellow “Amigo” Ruben Diaz Sr. for it to seem like it’s in the cards.
  36. Espada: I’m Coming Home to DemocratsUnwilling to let David Paterson appear to solve the State Senate stalemate, rebel Democrat Pedro Espada says he’s returning to the fold and solving the problem that he started.
  37. Has Paterson Had the Solution to the Senate Mess in His Hands All Along?According to some good-government advocates, yes. According to Andrew Cuomo, no.
  38. State Senators Were Able to Enjoy the Holiday Weekend After AllGovernor Paterson: heart of gold.
  39. Answering Your Questions About the Chaos in AlbanyEverything you need to know about why nothing is getting done in our State Senate.
  40. Pedro Espada Thinks Albany Coup Worked Out SwimminglyThe Albany coup leader points out that nobody has been killed.
  41. That Light Was a Train After AllTalks of a deal in Albany were premature, after all.
  42. oh albany!
    Is the End of the Senate Impasse Almost Here?A deal is reportedly in the works, with Pedro Espada making a surprise concession.
  43. Paterson’s Threats to Senators Working? They’d Never Admit ItBut it just might be.
  44. Paterson Reaches Out to Squabbling Senate, Orders Them Again to Convene (Updated)Which they will, in some form, on Wednesday.
  45. More Madness in Albany: Democrats Lock Themselves in State Senate Chamber [Updated]And Pedro Espada is sneaking the press in to watch!
  46. Power-Sharing Deal Gains Momentum in AlbanyGovernor Paterson’s threats worked, after all.
  47. Senators Just Barely Refrain From Fisticuffs, UnfortunatelyMaybe one big brawl is what we need up there.
  48. oh albany!
    The State Senate Has Accomplished at Least One Thing Since Last WeekMaking sure that they get paid.
  49. Judge Mistakenly Treats Warring Senators Like AdultsHe asks them to try to sort everything out among themselves. Heh.
  50. Senate Showdown Disappointingly DiffusedA confrontation over entering the locked Senate Chamber fizzled when Queens State Senator Hiram Monserrate began to wimp out.
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