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    Convicted Murderer in Etan Patz Case Sentenced to 25 Years to Life in PrisonPedro Hernandez’s sentencing brings a close to the nearly 40-year-old missing-child case.
  2. Etan Patz Jury Says It’s Deadlocked Again; Judge Tells Them to Keep DeliberatingThis time, both the prosecution and the defense objected.
  3. Jury in Etan Patz Case Says They Can’t Reach a VerdictThe judge urged them to keep trying.
  4. Ex-Wife, Friend of Etan Patz Suspect Say He Confessed to Murdering SomeoneAnd kept a photo of the boy.
  5. Detective Hugged Etan Patz’s Alleged Killer, Added Words to His ConfessionThe “I am here voluntarily.”
  6. Confession in Etan Patz Murder: ‘Something Just Took Over Me’Pedro Hernandez’s statement was made public for the first time.
  7. Hearing Will Examine Confession in Etan Patz CasePedro Hernandez claims he was pressured during hours of questioning.
  8. Alleged Etan Patz Killer Going to TrialA judge pushed the once-cold case forward today.
  9. Questionable Police Tactics Aren’t Helping the Etan Patz CaseThe first eight hours of Hernandez’s interrogation weren’t recorded.
  10. Etan Patz Suspect Takes Back Confession, Pleads Not GuiltyMy client had no motive and no history.”
  11. Accused Etan Patz Killer’s Attorney Says He Hallucinated That Whole ConfessionThe disputed confession makes up most of the evidence.
  12. Pedro Hernandez Indicted in 1979 Murder of Etan Patz [Updated]A grand jury moved the case forward despite a reported lack of evidence.
  13. Etan Patz Case Finally Goes to Grand JuryProsecutors are ready to play their hand.
  14. Police Still Have Nothing on Pedro Hernandez, Won’t Call Off InvestigationIt’s like whipping a dead horse,” said a source.
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    Court Date in Etan Patz Case Postponed Again“There’s just nothing else on this guy.”
  16. Etan Patz Search Continues in Soho BasementPolice were back today investigating the space where Pedro Hernandez says he killed the boy.
  17. Etan Patz Suspect Leaves Hospital for Jail CellA source says he’s still being medicated.
  18. Pedro Hernandez Sanity Trial Postponed Three MonthsBoth sides say they need more time to investigate.
  19. Patz Suspect Was Threatening, Hostile to Young NephewA more troubling account of Hernandez’s past emerges.
  20. NYPD Waited Two Weeks to Search Etan Patz Suspect’s HomeYoung boy’s clothing was found inside.
  21. Hernandez Wrote Confession on Photo of Etan PatzDramatic detail underscores lack of physical evidence.
  22. Report: Pedro Hernandez Said He’d Never Heard of the Etan Patz CaseHernandez was consistent and rational while making his confession.
  23. Police Release Pedro Hernandez Mug Shot, Deny They Ignored TipsThere’s no proof that Hernandez’s sister tried to turn him in.
  24. Etan Patz’s Family Really Wants PrivacyThe missing boy’s parents have put out a sign to plead with the media.
  25. Police May Search Landfill for Etan Patz’s RemainsInvestigators hope 33-year-old sanitation records will provide new evidence.
  26. Pedro Hernandez Confessed to Etan Patz Killing at Church Group Years AgoWill help corroborate Hernandez’s confession to police.
  27. Investigators Increasingly Convinced by Etan Patz Confession Pedro Hernandez seems to have revealed specific details related to the abduction.
  28. Bipolar Etan Patz Killer Tried Confessing Years Ago, Say RelativesNow the hard part: corroborating the confession.
  29. Report: Pedro Hernandez Placed on Suicide WatchThe man who confessed to killing Etan Patz is supposedly now at Bellevue.
  30. Etan Patz Suspect Called a ‘Good Neighbor’ and ‘Family Man’Who is Pedro Hernandez?