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People Who Are Unsatisfied With The Current State Of Rent

  1. For Sale: Rent Is Too Damn High PartyThere are many questions the people should ask themselves. I which [sic] them the best — I’m out.”
  2. Jimmy McMillan Faces Eviction Because His Rent Is Too Damn LowHe claims the landlord just wants to boot him from his rent-stabilized East Village pad.
  3. Jimmy McMillan Is Being EvictedMcMillan’s East Village landlord claims he actually lives in Brooklyn.
  4. Jimmy McMillan the Documentary Drops August 16It’s called ‘Damn!’
  5. Jimmy McMillan Has Never Been in LoveAlthough he claims to have received 1.5 million e-mails from “ladies who want to date.”
  6. Obviously: Jimmy McMillan Is Running for PresidentAnd he’s “coming after [Obama’s] black ass.”
  7. Jimmy McMillan Would Like $350 Million, PleaseThat sounds reasonable.
  8. Jimmy McMillan Releases First Video From His New Album, Which ExistsHe has a full-length album of songs about rent.
  9. Jimmy McMillan Reacts to SNL Parody: ‘Election Over’The Rent Is Too Damn High candidate thinks the skit put him “over the top.”
  10. Jimmy McMillan Spawns All Types of Apartment-Related Political PartiesIn this parody video!
  11. Jimmy McMillan and Up, Together, FinallyAlso, Jimmy McMillan might not pay any rent.