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  1. I Can’t Stop Reading Perez Hilton’s Comments on Hilary Duff’s InstagramsPerez Hilton is a compliment machine.
  2. there are sharks on the subway
    Will Mark McGrath and Perez Hilton Die in Sharknado 2: The Second One?Death by a shark riding the subway.
  3. are you not entertained
    Perez Hilton Developing a Reality ShowGay Dads of New York.
  4. fame in 1998
    How Gossip Has Changed Since 1998 (and a Huge Way It Hasn’t)Since 1998, social media has altered how celebrity news is prepared and consumed, but a basic rule of gossip remains in place fifteen years later.
  5. halloween 2013
    Halloween 2013: Every Celebrity Costume Worth SeeingA definitive who’s who of Halloween 2013.
  6. profile
    Perez Hilton Has Baby, Wishes He Could Be Pregnant, Vows to Be Better ManInside the semi-reformed gossipmonger’s attempt at a moral makeover.
  7. he's just being miley
    Perez Hilton Thinks Miley Cyrus Is ‘the White Rihanna’And Sinéad O’Connor just doesn’t get it.
  8. twitter wars
    Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton Are in Such a FightDeath threats are involved.
  9. 'you're ugly!'
    ‘You’re Ugly!’ Why Is Bynes So Obsessed With Who Is Prettiest?A close read of her tweets and history.
  10. see and be scene
    Party Shots: Wintour, Clinton, Fanning, & MoreAll the people who went out this week so far, including Debbie Harry, Drew Barrymore, and Brad Goreski.
  11. things we didn't see coming
    Perez Hilton Has a Baby SonThis is unexpected.
  12. the hit list
    13 Superb Things From Yesterday at Fashion WeekFrom semi-naked Perez Hilton to Proenza’s gorgeous new clothes.
  13. slash jobs
    Rachel Zoe Joins Kim Kardashian at ShoeDazzleAdding to their roster of celebrities.
  14. beefs
    Did Azealia Banks’s Latest Twitter Fight Go Too Far?A spat with Angel Haze ended in the use of a gay slur to describe Perez Hilton.
  15. style evolution
    From Blog to Brawn: Perez Hilton’s Style EvolutionFrom big to buff to brainy.
  16. first looks
    Perez Hilton, Nick Knight Collaborate for GarageThey tapped Lindsey Wixson for a Roy Lichtenstein–inspired editorial.
  17. Celebrity Settings
    Perez Hilton Eats at French Laundry, Tweets 43 Times During DinnerThat’s one way to ruin a perfectly lovely dinner.
  18. glee
    Watch a Preview of the Glee Performance of ‘Starships’The gle-enemy attacks, kills with Nicki Minaj verses.
  19. perez hilton
    Perez Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Will Be on the Same Episode of GleeFight! Fight!
  20. oprah 101
    What One Writer Learned at Oprah’s LifeclassHe was told, “You are a human being having a spiritual experience.” Repeatedly.
  21. someone's naked!
    W Isn’t Putting Their Naked Kim Kardashian Pictures OnlineBecause, you know, that will stop them from making it onto the Internet.
  22. Mediavore
    L.A. Pushes For Food Stamps at Farmers Markets; Perez Hilton Launches FitnessL.A.’s Food Policy Task Force unveils a new proposal, while a celebrity blogger turns his critical eye on healthy eating.
  23. disco alter egos
    Lady Gaga Seems to Be Taking Her Jo Calderone Alter Ego Pretty SeriouslyShe did an interview with the new Japanese ‘Men’s Vogue’ AS Jo, the Sicilian car mechanic.
  24. music
    Hear the Vengaboys’ Ridiculous New Song, ‘Rocket to Uranus’“Uranus is so pretty, it feels like home.”
  25. look of the day
    Did You Know Leona Lewis Owns a Ruffle Clown Collar and a Lace Eye Patch?Now that’s quite a combination. Did she pull off the look?
  26. box-office gurus
    Perez Hilton Declares Avatar a FailureA box-office take of $223 million worldwide in three days is simply not up to Hilton’s lofty standards.
  27. gossipmonger
    Michael Lohan Fake Died, and Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Fake Broke UpThank God for the Internet.
  28. just pants
    Lady Gaga Doesn’t Like to Show Her Eyes, and Neither Does Perez HiltonHe’s taking after her stylistically.
  29. fashion yearbook
    What Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and Their Fashion Friends Wore on HalloweenIf anyone should look great on this day, it’s fashion people.
  30. gossipmonger
    Mischa Barton Does Not Want to Work Out, or Eat Hamburgers, at EquinoxIt’s one or the other, we can’t tell. Plus, Kirsten Dunst, Rebecca Gayheart, and more celebrities struggle with issues, in our daily gossip roundup.
  31. gays
    When Gay-Rights Advocacy Doesn’t HelpToday a couple of self-perceived victims took it upon themselves to pick up the torch.
  32. Perez Hilton Hath Launched a Fashion BlogIt’s called Coco Perez.
  33. Oh, No: NYC Prep Nazi Pictures SurfaceMove aside, Vanessa Hudgens. There’s a new teen scandal in town.
  34. disappointments
    Will.I.Am Unlikely to Be Sent to PrisonDon’t get your hopes up.
  35. gossipmonger
    Sean Avery Stole Hilary Rhoda From Mark SanchezIt’s understandable: They both have hot abs, but Sean can discuss shoes! More celebrity hookups, breakups, and breakdowns in our daily gossip roundup.
  36. the most important people in the world
    Michael Phelps and Miss California Had a ThingWe’ve been ignoring that blonde floozy and her anti-gay guff, but now she has CROSSED THE LINE.
  37. early and often
    Is Bankruptcy the Answer for Automakers?Today’s editorial pages are full of opinions on the Detroit mess.
  38. gossipmonger
    ‘21’ Had to Go Ahead and Spill That Dubya’s Never VisitedYou were almost in the clear, guys, but now he might show up. Also, Taylor Momsen, you are so not as famous as you think you are in Maryland. So declares the gossip roundup!
  39. gossipmonger
    When Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee Marry, They’ll Have a Wedding-Cake Village Made With TwinkiesYes, the state’s A.G. and the trailer-trash food queen are all up in each other’s Cool-Whipped manicotti! Plus, Claus von Bulow was sad to hear of the death of the wife he may have tried to kill decades ago. In the gossip roundup!
  40. slideshow
    Perez Hilton Hosts Concert With Suitably Nutty PerformersSome say a JPEG with scribbly MS Paint genitals is worth a thousand words. Perez Hilton is a master of such visual haiku, and when it comes to emceeing an event, he’s equally succinct with his hyperbole.
  41. gossipmonger
    Peter Lied to Christie About Not Taking the Kids on a Single-Engine PlaneHe said he wouldn’t, but then he went ahead and did it, the crumbum. Also, Courtney Love’s friends think she needs a doorman. In the gossip roundup.
  42. in other news
    More Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick Gay RumorsAlso, JC Chasez, the former boy-bander who was previously linked with Crawford, says he’s “happy for him.”
  43. dress code
    No One Wants Perez Hilton’s Clothing LineNo one showed up to launch event for his clothing line at an L.A. Hot Topic last Saturday. And no one is buying his clothes. Thank God.
  44. run through
    Oh, the Horror: Perez Hilton Launches Clothing LineOh, it’s a dark day for fashion, and it gets worse: Just wait till we tell you which store will carry his line that includes blog-themed flip-flops.
  45. company town
    Rent Stabilization Not As Stable As BeforePlus, Skadden’s role in the failed Microsoft-Yahoo talks, what Perez Hilton is doing in James Frey’s new novel, and the rest of today’s industry gossip.
  46. cultural capital
    Martha Stewart Equally Excited About Perez Hilton and President BushThe amateur blogger takes on the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, and we applaud her efforts.
  47. company town
    Private Equity Switches to the Full-Court PressPlus, what’s going on at ‘Portfolio,’ why you’ll be hearing more from Perez Hilton, and where the Beatrice Inn is headed next.
  48. gossipmonger
    Why Wouldn’t Sharon Bush Be Involved With Roger Clemens’s Steroid Scandal?Roger Clemens’s friendship with the black sheep of the Bush family, Sharon Bush, may cost him a pardon from George W. if he is convicted of perjury. Both HarperCollins and Random House are set to come out with books about George Steinbrenner. A “Page Six” spy thinks Howard Stern’s fiancée, Beth Ostrosky, wants to have a baby because she, uh, stopped to say hello to one. Will Ferrell and Tom Brokaw did an onstage bit together at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday for Ferrell’s Funny or Die tour. The New Yorker reveals that the late Bishop Paul Moore was a closeted homosexual. Tracy Westmoreland, owner of erstwhile dive bar Siberia, may play a bouncer in a movie called The Bouncer.
  49. apropos of nothing
    Actually, Perez Hilton Having a Record Label Is Not Quite the Stupidest Idea We’ve Ever HeardThe Times reports this morning that Perez Hilton is in talks with Warner Bros. Records to get his own record label.
  50. NewsFeed
    Cold War: Yolato Now, Red Mango in December, and MySpace Forever When we mentioned that a new Yolato store is opening today, we wondered when exactly the Red Mango would open across from Pinkberry on Bleecker Street. Now a rep tells us it probably won’t be till mid-December, with stores to follow in Chelsea (63 W. 14th St.), the theater district (723 Eighth Ave.) and Flushing (136-53 Roosevelt Ave). [Ed: Disclaimer — what follows is where we start to lose it a little bit.]
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