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    Why Are Thousands of People Watching a Livestream of This Man Sleeping?“I thought, What would happen if I turned on Periscope and just let people watch me sleep — for laughs?
  2. Dan Harmon’s Naked Periscopes Are the Motivational Tool We Need to Beat […]At the start of 2017, mulling over the awful year that was and pressed down by one disheartening news alert after the other, some people […]
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    Underground Lobster-Roll Purveyor Dr. Klaw Is Back With a New Show“When you’re broken down, you really are fucked. It’s kind of hard to remember, ‘Oh, I really should be shooting right now.’”
  4. The Answer to Online Harassment Might Be Several Hundred Years OldThis might work.
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    Woman Accused of Livestreaming Her Friend’s Rape on Periscope Prosecutors say she “got caught up in the likes.”
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    Don’t Drink and Drive, and Definitely Don’t Drink and Drive and Livestream ItA Long Island man was arrested for allegedly doing just that.
  7. Chris Hardwick and Some ‘@midnight’ Friends Are Currently Having a […]This weekend marks the anniversary of the publication of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, and to celebrate, Chris Hardwick and the team at […]
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    Katie Couric Was the Met Gala’s Red-Carpet Champion She earned a smile from Kimye.
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    Come Watch Periscope’s First StarAmanda Oleander has captured millions of hearts, even if few know what Periscope is yet.
  10. Meerkat, Periscope, and Broadcasting Your LifeYou can show everyone what you’re doing every second of the day, but why would you?