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  1. crime
    Canadian Man Lynched in the Amazon After Being Accused of Shaman’s MurderSebastian Woodroffe had traveled to Peru to seek enlightenment and study plant medicine.
  2. hot shot
    Ivanka Trump Stops to Learn About Quinoa Before Empowering WomenThe First Daughter is in Peru for the Summit of the Americas.
  3. Studies
    Reassuring Report Says Quinoa Is Probably Fine for FarmersYour bowl just became even more guilt-free.
  4. tastemakers
    The Woman Who Makes Suno’s Patterned Luxury HappenIt’s Nadiyah Bradshaw-Spencer’s job to keep ethics alive in Africa, India, and Peru.
  5. Mediavore
    Case Closed on the Floating Doughnuts Mystery; Is the National Obesity Problem aPlus: White Castle won’t build bigger booths for fatter customers; and Peruvian food could be the next big thing, all in our morning news roundup.
  6. Slideshow
    What’s Cooking at Osaka, Opening Mid-September on Hollywood Blvd.The food amps up the Asian flavor profile, while sticking to Peruvian staples.
  7. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Losing Presidential Elections in Other Countries NowThis one was in Peru.
  8. Zarate Chops
    Coca-Cola Catches The Zarate WaveThe Mo-Chica chef becomes the Peruvian face for the legendary soda’s new ad campaign.
  9. Making Jokes About Peru May Not Be Worth the HassleA couple of weeks ago on Modern Family, Gloria made a little joke about Peru. She says, “Ah, here we go. Because, in Colombia, we trip over […]
  10. crime
    Thieves Blackmail Small-Town Peruvian Mayor by Stealing His Father’s SkullThey could face hard time for “offending the memory of the dead.”
  11. ripped from the headlines
    Natalee Holloway’s Mother Sneaks Into Peruvian Jail to Speak With Joran Van Der SlootThis is a weird thing.
  12. ripped from the headlines
    Joran van der Sloot Recants Confession in Peru MurderBecause we need more of this guy in the headlines.
  13. ripped from the headlines
    Joran van der Sloot Confesses to Peru MurderSo, yes, he did kill a girl five years to the day after Natalee Holloway’s disappearance.
  14. international intrigue
    The Story Continues for a New York Revolutionary in PeruLori Berenson is released from prison.
  15. Slideshows
    Slideshow: Ricardo Zarate Brings Peru to Century CityMo-Chica’s celebrated ceviche and recipes come to BreadBar for one night.
  16. Foodievents
    Visit Peru With Jose Duarte and Andy HusbandsGorge yourself on ceviche with two top Boston chefs.
  17. dinosaurs
    Depeche Mode Did Not Mistake Peru for ChileWebmaster defends perceived slipup.