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  1. GOP House Members From New York Won’t Happily Vote for Graham-Cassidy BillIf Graham-Cassidy clears the Senate, House Republicans will be forced into a take-it-or-leave-it situation, and some may really want to leave it.
  2. Rep. Peter King Is Not a Fan of Ted Cruz, Ex. 27I hope that day never comes.”
  3. Rep. Peter King Says Torture Wasn’t That BadWe’re talking about people being made to stand in awkward positions, have water put into their nose and into their mouth.”
  4. Peter King Outraged Over Obama’s Tan SuitWho else but Peter King?
  5. Rand Paul Now Just Screwing With Chris Christie, Peter KingPlans a fund-raising visit after mocking them.
  6. Congressman Peter King Pretending He Might Run for PresidentI’m not saying no.” Okay. 
  7. Ray Kelly Is Not Not Interested in That DHS JobSmart choice.
  8. Representative Peter King Forgets First Amendment in NSA Bluster [Updated]He says reporters in the NSA case should be punished.
  9. Joe Lhota Is So Annoyed at Having His Ted Cruz Boycott RuinedAtendees were told he had a “medical procedure.”
  10. St. John’s Students Haven’t Forgotten About Peter King’s Muslim HearingsThough he’s moved on to harassing Rubio.
  11. Pete King Plans Boxing Match on Wife’s Birthday Does he really hate cake that much?
  12. Peter King Wants to Be Marco Rubio’s Anti-Fund-raiserFurious at the senator for fund-raising in New York after voting against Sandy bill.
  13. Congressman Peter King’s BlackBerry Inauguration Photos RevealedKing speaks on Beyoncé’s lip-synching and not knowing who Jay-Z is.
  14. GOP Lawmakers Acknowledge Need for Higher Tax Revenues Quick, someone cover Grover Norquist’s ears!
  15. The Secret Service Scandal Has at Least One Hero Meet Paula Reid, the new Secret Service boss for the South American region (plus: Colombia’s most famous cabbie.) 
  16. Names of Two Ousted Agents RevealedThey were both supervisors.
  17. politics
    Kathryn Bigelow Totally Undermining National Security NowShe took a meeting with the administration! They might have told her something!
  18. Speaker Boehner Predicts ‘50-50 Chance’ of Reaching Debt Deal in Next 48 HoursSo exciting!
  19. If Rudy Giuliani Had to Decide Today, He Would Run for PresidentThis is what Peter King says.
  20. Peter King Will Run for President If He Doesn’t Have to Do AnythingI’m not going to campaign,” he says, but he might be interested.
  21. Somebody Sent Representative Peter King a Bloody Pig’s FootJust your everyday crazy.
  22. Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison Breaks Down at Peter King HearingHe was recounting the heroism of a Muslim-American who died on 9/11.
  23. Jon Stewart Exposes Terrorist-Obsessed Peter King’s Terrorist Ties [Updated]Sometimes they make it so easy.
  24. Peter King’s Witness List ReleasedThe main attraction is Muslim congressman Keith Ellison.
  25. Peter King Unlikely to Get His Gun-Free BubblesSpeaker Boehner is not a fan.
  26. Does Peter King’s Proposed Gun Law Make Sense?How would a ban on guns within 1,000 feet of congressmen work?
  27. Congressman Peter King Thinks the Times Is Worse Than the Ground Zero Mosque and Michael Jackson Adulation Combined“I have more contempt for the New York Times than anything or anyone I can think of.”
  28. ’Tis the Season to Pass 9/11 Illness Payout BillCongress must vote on the Zadroga Bill in this lame-duck session in order for it to pass.
  29. Republicans Have a Mixed Night in New YorkThey were shut out in statewide races, and it’s unclear what will happen with the State Senate, but they did manage to flip five Democratically held congressional seats.
  30. Today in Mosque: A Compromise Is Not Looking ImminentAll your mosque news in one convenient location that is nowhere near ground zero.
  31. Ground Zero Mosque Villain Was a Diplomat for George W. BushHuh, so why is Peter King so outraged about him being a diplomat for the Obama administration?
  32. Apparently Peter King Thinks It Is Still 2004And gay people will be able to scare conservatives to the polls again.
  33. Anthony Weiner and Peter King Do Their Best Kindergartner ImpressionsThe two New York congressmen bicker like children on Fox News.
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    Homeland Security Funding for New York City Actually Going UpThe White House tries to get New York pols to calm down.
  35. Nobody Backs John McCain on Suspending Miranda Rights for Times Square BomberNot even Glenn Beck!
  36. Peter King Introduces Bill to Block Terror Trials in New YorkHis measure would block the usage of Justice Department funds for civilian trials for Guantánamo detainees.
  37. Peter King Absolutely Not Running Against Kirsten Gillibrand, He’s Pretty SureHe could always change his mind again, though.
  38. Peter King Once Again Toying a Run for SenateSigh.
  39. Are the Democrats Going to Rally Around Obama’s Response to Latest Thwarted Terrorist Attack?Or are they going to just let the Republicans dump all over him for a couple of weeks?
  40. Why Five New York Congressmen Voted Against Health-Care ReformThree Democrats and two Republicans on why they said no.
  41. Peter King Accuses Michael Jackson of Mentally Molesting ChildrenSomebody had to say it.
  42. Congressman Peter King Has Awakened a Sleeping GiantMichael Jackson fans are mobilizing against their new common enemy.
  43. Peter King Wants Michael Jackson to Get Off His LawnThe Long Island congressman has heard enough about this child-molesting pervert pedophile fellow with his rock music and his crotch thrusts.
  44. Obama Trying to Cleanse New York of RepublicansHe “dangled” the job of ambassador to Ireland in front of congressman Peter King.
  45. Peter King Calls Newsday a LiarHe didn’t say the things they said he said, he says.
  46. Jets Fans’ Great ShamePeter King doesn’t think you like Brett Favre, or at least not enough.
  47. N.Y. GOPers to Winning Dems: Don’t Stop Worrying About Tomorrow Democrats looking forward to their takeover of Congress might consider looking backward as well — to November 1994. Representative Sue Kelly, of New York’s Nineteenth District, which includes all of Putnam County and part of Westchester, was one of the 73 new GOP representatives swept into the House that year. She was narrowly defeated on Tuesday by John Hall, former lead singer of the band Orleans. “This was a blue tsunami, and I learned, because I’m in that class of 1994 that was a red tsunami, that there are people who get elected and don’t last,” she says perhaps a bit defensively, after not lasting. “What you have here is a huge overcorrection. The Democrats now own Capitol Hill. The public won’t let that stand for very long.” Ed Rollins, former White House political director and Republican strategist, says an antiwar fervor gave “good Republican districts to the Democrats” in 2006. “There are around ten to twelve seats that could very easily swing back.” Long Island representative Peter King, a Republican who was reelected with 57 percent of the vote, says, “People voted against what was happening in Iraq. It was an anti-vote. But you can’t get reelected in 2008 just on an anti-vote. They’ve got to show something.” — Wren Abbott and Amos Barshad