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Peter Madoff

  1. With Prison Delayed, Peter Madoff ‘Parties Hearty’Idioms abound in the New York Post.
  2. Bernie Madoff’s Brother Sentenced to Ten YearsHe’s called a victim of his loyalty to Bernie.
  3. Madoff’s Brother to Plead Guilty for Role in Ponzi SchemeProsecutors said he’s agreed to a ten-year prison sentence.
  4. Madoff Relatives Sued for Being Total ImbecilesBernie’s immediate family was “completely derelict” in carrying out their professional duties, says a suit.
  5. Trustee Will Get Money Out of Madoff Family by Any Means NecessaryAndrew, Mark, Peter, and Shana Madoff are being sued for a combined $198 million.
  6. What Peter Madoff’s Wheels Tell Us About HimStylish car, stylish sunglasses … what does this tell us about Bernie’s brother?
  7. Peter Madoff Can Afford to Take the Subway AgainBut what he really needs is a new tie.
  8. Peter Madoff Can’t Even Afford to Take the Subway, Says LawyerWith his brother in jail and his assets frozen, Bernie’s brother has to walk alone in the cold.