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MSNBC’s Phil Griffin Is Filled With Flowers, Light

Phil Griffin
Phil Griffin, NBC News' senior vice-president in charge of MSNBC, revealed himself to be kind of an awesome hippie in today's Los Angeles Times. "Our people are not in straitjackets," he told the paper. "They speak openly; they're passionate. There's a liveliness and richness to the conversation that you don't see on CNN or Fox." A liveliness and a richness? Tom Freston excepted, this is not the way we're used to hearing New York–based suits talk, which is why, upon reading this, we kind of fell a little bit in like with Griffin, more so when we remembered that Griffin was the guy who said to New York last year, regarding his friend Keith Olbermann, “It takes some people a long time to find their happiness." We could practically hear the sitars and were totally enchanted. Then we found his "Vows" column.