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Lawyers' Group Seeks Inquiry Into Brooklyn's Anti-Immigrant Author-Judge

When we saw yesterday that Brooklyn judge John Wilson wrote a children's book, Hot House Flowers, that reads as a not-so subtle dis on immigrants — "dandelions," in his telling, barge into a happy hothouse and proceed to spawn legions of weedlike children who take up all the soil and drink all the water — we thought, Well, that's not going to sell in New York, like, at all. But poor sales may be the least of "Border in the Court" Wilson's problems. The Legal Aid Society of New York just told its staff that it is requesting an inquiry by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct into whether His Honor can be trusted to rule impartially in cases involving immigrants. Perhaps Wilson will soon have more time to tend his own garden? — Jon Steinberg Judge Is in Immig Groups' Bad Books [NYDN]