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    Lucy Hale Tells Hackers Who Leaked Her Nude Photos to ‘Kiss My Ass’She will not apologize for having her privacy violated.
  2. George Clooney Is Making a Movie About the Rupert Murdoch Phone-Hacking ScandalBased on the book Hack Attack.
  3. Murdoch Journalists Still Getting Arrested for Phone Hacking Six more today owing to “new lines of inquiry.”
  4. News Corp. Has Had About Enough of ApologizingThe program to pay phone-hacking victims is ending.
  5. News Corp. Getting Pretty Good at Paying Phone-Hacking VictimsSettlements are still happening, and will be for a while.
  6. Rupert Murdoch Pushes Out Editor Critical of Phone HackingThe News Corp. way.
  7. Piers Morgan’s Old Tabloid Sued for Phone HackingThe scandal has moved beyond News Corp.
  8. James Murdoch Might Take Over Fox Networks, But Not Fox NewsRupert’s son is creeping a bit closer to Roger Ailes’s territory.
  9. Phone-Hacking Lawsuits Continue to Stack UpA new batch of 40 brings the number of outstanding civil suits to 121.
  10. News Corp. Phone-Hacking Saga Is Never Ending, Extremely ExpensiveIt could cost authorities £40 million over four years.
  11. Elisabeth Murdoch Goes a Little Rogue Against News Corp.The Murdoch daughter took some shots at her brother and father in a speech today.
  12. James Murdoch Wanted a White iPhone for His ‘Secret’ CellAuthorities are investigating the second devices of four execs.
  13. David Cameron Still Distancing Himself From Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.The British prime minister testified before the Leveson Inquiry today.
  14. Andy Coulson Charged With Perjury Over Phone HackingThe former Murdoch editor and David Cameron aide is accused of lying under oath.
  15. Did Tom Cruise Have His Phone Hacked?Maybe.”
  16. Rebekah Brooks Charged With Perverting JusticeHer husband and four others are also being prosecuted.
  17. News Corp. Scandal Welcomes Back David CameronHe reportedly texted former Murdoch deputy Rebekah Brooks the week she resigned.
  18. Rupert Murdoch Apologizes, But Blames Phone-Hacking Cover-up on Colin MylerThe boss said sorry, but also implicated others.
  19. Rupert Murdoch Swears in Testimony That His Political Influence Isn’t ‘Sinister’The News Corp. boss got grilled for hours today, but denied almost everything.
  20. James Murdoch Testifies Again in Media InquiryIt’s more of the same today from the embattled media mogul.
  21. News Corp. Now Has More Than 1,000 ‘Likely Victims’ of Phone HackingThe second wave of British lawsuits is coming.
  22. U.S. Phone-Hacking Lawsuits Against News Corp. Reportedly ImminentAnti-Murdoch lawyer Mark Lewis is due in town on Monday.
  23. James Murdoch Is Out of Another JobHe has resigned from the board of Times Newspapers Holdings.
  24. James Murdoch Blames Daily News Editor for Not Telling Him About HackingThe evidence given by Mssr. Myler displays inconsistencies on this subject.”
  25. James Murdoch Insists He’s Still Sorry, InnocentThe News Corporation son had made a final written plea about phone hacking to Parliament.
  26. Police Chiefs’ Kids Interned for Rupert MurdochWhy not?
  27. News Corp. Lawyer Didn’t Stick AroundIt sounds like a tough job, anyway.
  28. News Corp. Scandal Still Flirting With U.S.Murdoch may yet be sued Stateside.
  29. James Murdoch Out As Executive Chairman of News InternationalRupert’s scandal-plagued son is finally taking that “breather.”
  30. Charlotte Church Makes a Deal With News Corp. The singer has settled her phone-hacking case.
  31. Tony Blair’s Wife Suing News Corp. BuddiesThe former prime minister and his wife, Cherie, are close personal friends of the Murdochs.
  32. Phone Hacking Memo to James Murdoch at Center of InquiryColin Myler, now Daily News chief: “Unfortunately it is as bad as we feared.”
  33. News Corp. Still Raking It In While Settling Hacking CasesLooming scandals didn’t stop the company from earning a huge quarterly profit.
  34. 9/11 Phone Hacking Still Not SubstantiatedFamilies of September 11 victims still haven’t heard if they were hacked by News Corp.
  35. Piers Morgan Keeps His Distance at Phone-Hacking InquiryThe CNN host and former tabloid editor gave very careful answers today.
  36. Murdoch-Owned Company Cancels Murdoch-Teasing PodcastThe Bugle got dropped, but for financial reasons, supposedly.
  37. James Murdoch Says He Didn’t Really Read That $1 Million E-mailThe News International boss still says he didn’t know how bad the phone hacking was.
  38. Phone-Hacking Tabloid Might Not Have Deleted Murdered Girl’s MessagesThere’s been a slight correction in the Milly Dowler phone-hacking case, details of which shut down the ‘News of the World’.
  39. Parliament to Shake Finger at James Murdoch for Phone HackingA preview of the report suggests he’ll be found merely “ill-informed.”
  40. James Murdoch Goes Back to Parliament: A PrimerHe has a lot more explaining to do.
  41. News Corp. Had Phone-Hacking Lawyers Spied OnIt’s not illegal, but it is “Mafia-like.”
  42. Journalist Arrested at Another News Corp. NewspaperThe scandal spreads.
  43. News Corp. Hacked Your Phone? Apply for Money Online!Victims can opt to use the Internet instead of going to court.
  44. scandal-stained wretches
    Murdochs Reportedly Sought Family Counseling Over News Corp. IssuesPhone hacking only made things worse.
  45. News Corp. ‘Smoking Phone’ Found in Hacking InquiryInvestigators found one cell phone used to hack more than 1,000 voice mails.
  46. News Corp. Employees Can Now Police Themselves With Illegal Activity HotlineIt’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  47. News Corp. Now Facing More Than 60 Lawsuits for Phone HackingClaims could reach more than £100 million.
  48. Phone-Hacking Lawsuits Against News Corp. Coming to New YorkIt’s another headache for Rupert Murdoch.
  49. Rick Perry Had Dinner With Rupert MurdochThe Texas governor is having quite the NYC trip.
  50. News Corp. Offers $4.7 Million Settlement in Phone-Hacking CaseThe family of Milly Dowler would receive most of it, while the rest will go to charity.
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