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All the Screen Stars Invading Broadway

The phenomenon of Hollywood and TV stars hitting Broadway is a growth industry that just keeps expanding, downturn be damned.

By Boris Kachka

Zach Braff and Piper Perabo Can't Fight the Moonlight

Braff and Perabo
Buried under an item about man-whore John Mayer man-whoring around with Cameron Diaz, today's "Rush and Molloy" column offers some disturbing information. Zach Braff and Piper Perabo were apparently spotted "deep in fireside conversation" at the Bowery Hotel last night. As you know, Braff is the weak-chinned director of the crap movie Garden State, a noted ass man who recently purchased an apartment in Soho. Also, he is the most annoying actor in all of New York. Perabo is the pouty star of such gems as Coyote Ugly, and an honorary resident of 126 Rivington Street, the Lower East Side building that was the basis for a "Sunday Styles" article and was at one point supposed to be an HBO show. She is the second-most-annoying actor in all of New York. As a couple, Braffabo could be deadly, a dirty bomb of annoyingness, poised to destroy not just the Lower East Side, but all of New York City. God save us all. Rush and Molloy [NYDN]

Fashion Week Is All Fugged Up

Best of Fashion Week
We were such innocents a mere eight days ago. Times were much simpler then; we had hope in our hearts and an unfailing optimism that our job covering celebrities in Fashion Week's front rows would be like shooting fish in a barrel, minus the ricochet. Even though not as many famous faces showed up as we'd have liked, we managed to come out the other end a very happy, sated pair. After all, we love clothes, Champagne, and sandwiches, and we got a lot of all three this week. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights of our second stint covering the celebrity turnout at Bryant Park — and, yes, of the 37 shows we saw, we did like a lot of the clothes.