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Plane Crash

  1. Russian Airliner Crashes Near Moscow, Killing 71The cause of the crash is still unknown, but terrorism doesn’t seem to be suspected.
  2. Trump Credits Himself for Lack of Plane Crashes in 2017But his tweet isn’t just disingenuous and crass. It’s also inaccurate.
  3. Plane Carrying a Brazilian Soccer Team Crashes in ColombiaOfficials say there are at least six survivors.
  4. Report Suggests No One Was Controlling MH370 When It CrashedAnalysis of the plane’s wing flap suggests it spiraled downward at a high speed.
  5. FBI Is Investigating Fatal Connecticut Plane Crash As Possible Intentional ActThe pilot, who survived, indicated that it wasn’t an accident. One passenger died.
  6. Distress Signals Narrow Search for Missing EgyptAir FlightAirbus detected a distress signal from the plane’s emergency-locator transmitter.
  7. Two Dead After a Small Plane Crashes Into Florida Mobile HomesThe pilot and a 21-year-old woman are believed dead. 
  8. Rescuers Find No Survivors at Site Where Indonesian Plane CrashedThere’s a possibility the aircraft hit a peak and then fell into a ravine because the place that it was found in is steep.”
  9. Bin Laden Family Members Killed in Mysterious Plane CrashThe Al Qaeda leader’s stepmother, half-sister, and brother-in-law died when their private jet crashed in Britain on Friday afternoon.
  10. More Than 100 Could Be Dead After Military Plane Crash in IndonesiaFor the moment we know there were 113 people. It looks like there are no survivors.”
  11. Co-Pilot Had Medical Leave on Day of Crash The latest news about the Germanwings crash.
  12. Dozens Dead As Plane Crashes Into Residential Buildings in TaiwanThe passenger jet was attempting an emergency landing. 
  13. Connecticut Plane Crash Victims Identified 54-year-old Bill Henningsgaard was flying his 17-year-old son Max to visit colleges.
  14. Small Plane Crashes Into Connecticut NeighborhoodThe pilot and two children are unaccounted for.
  15. Plane Crashes While Landing at San Francisco Airport [Updated]Passengers are still being evacuated.
  16. Small Plane Crashes in Long Island NeighborhoodKilling the pilot and injuring two passengers.
  17. Five Dead in New Jersey Plane CrashTwo investment bank directors were thought to be aboard, along with one man’s wife and kids.
  18. Four Die in Westchester Plane CrashIt crashed attempting an emergency landing shortly after takeoff.
  19. Two Dead in Midair Plane CollisionAround 60 miles north of New York City.