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  1. Seattle Man Dead After Stealing and Crashing Plane, Investigation UnderwayThe Horizon Air ground service agent “was either doing it on a lark, or was suicidal,” according to a local sheriff.
  2. Egypt: Ship Picked Up Black-Box Signal of JetAccording to Egyptian officials, a French ship detected the pings. 
  3. World War II Fighter Plane Crashes Into Hudson River, Killing PilotThe vintage P-47 Thunderbolt was flying between Manhattan and New Jersey as part of a promotional photo shoot.
  4. Dubai Airliner Crashes in Russia, Killing All 62 AboardThe plane nosedived into the ground and exploded while attempting to land in poor weather in the city of Rostov-on-Don.
  5. Russia Says Bomb Was Definitely Responsible for Plane Crash in EgyptWe can say definitely that this was a terrorist act.”
  6. Airline Official Believes Russian Plane Crash Caused by ‘External Impact’Authorities have yet to pinpoint the exact reason a plane with 224 people inside disintegrated in the air last weekend. 
  7. Commercial Flight Carrying 54 People Crashes in Indonesia Search-and-rescue teams haven’t yet been able to reach the wreckage.
  8. Germanwings Co-Pilot Told Ex ‘Everybody Will Know My Name’ [Updated]He was reportedly worried that his health issues would cost him his job.
  9. Germanwings Co-Pilot May Have Intentionally Crashed the Plane [Updated]One pilot was reportedly banging on the door as the plane went down, but there was no answer.
  10. TransAsia Jet Clips Bridge, Crashes Into River in TaiwanAt least nine people died in the crash.
  11. 6 Dead After Small Plane Crashes Into Suburban D.C. Home [Updated]The fatalities include the plane’s passengers and two people who were inside the house.
  12. It’s Not a Great Week to Be Afraid of FlyingTalking to a pilot turned therapist who helps people get over their fear. 
  13. Air Algerie Flight Crashes in Northern Africa With 116 Aboard [Updated]The third major aviation disaster in a week.
  14. Rockefeller Scion Dead in Westchester Plane Crash64-year-old Richard Rockefeller was piloting the aircraft. 
  15. Seven Killed in MassachusettsPlane CrashThe group was on its way to Atlantic City.
  16. A Guide to Flight 370 Theories, From Mechanical Failure to Alien AbductionNo real clues, but plenty of speculation.
  17. Iranian Men on Stolen Jet Not TerroristsOne was a 19-year-old trying to reach Germany for asylum.
  18. Few Details Emerge As the Search for Malaysia Airlines Jet Continues [Updated]Some are focusing on two passengers traveling with stolen passports.
  19. Malaysia Airlines Jet Carrying 239 Missing Near Vietnam [Updated]The China-bound flight disappeared on Saturday morning.
  20. Private Plane Crashes at Aspen AirportOne person has been reported dead.
  21. Watch Asiana Flight 214’s Crash in Horrifying New DetailThanks to the NTSB’s investigative hearing.
  22. The Weekend’s Second Fatal Plane Crash Killed Ten in AlaskaNTSA says all ten aboard are dead.
  23. Two Volunteers Are Dead in Angel Flight CrashThe pilot is still missing.
  24. Plane Crash Off Yonkers Becomes Small-Scale Miracle on the HudsonThe two victims got wet before they got rescued.
  25. crashing and burning
    Discovery Channel Crashes Plane in Mexico — on PurposeA Boeing 727 went down in Baja California.
  26. Passenger Jet Crashes in RussiaForty-four people were killed.
  27. Somehow, Only One Person Died When This HappenedA plane splits into three pieces after being hit by lightning.
  28. Former Senator Ted Stevens Killed in Alaska Plane CrashOf the nine passengers, five are known to be dead.
  29. Good Samaritan Pulls Pilot and Passenger From Burning AircraftEveryone survived.
  30. Jet Crash in Libya Creates Another Miracle BoyOne Dutch boy survived while more than a hundred others were killed.
  31. Plane Crash in Russia Kills Polish PresidentAir-traffic controllers tried to stop the pilots from attempting to land.
  32. Two Dead in Plane Crash at N.J. AirportNo details about passengers or crash available yet.
  33. Two Survive Twin-Engine Teterboro CrashThe police found the burned and bruised men sitting and waiting at a nearby bus stop.
  34. Caspian Airlines Jet Crashes in Northern Iran, Killing 168A flight from Tehran bound for Armenia caught fire shortly after taking off, and crash-landed not far from the airport, killing all onboard.
  35. Plane Crashes Into House Outside Buffalo, Killing 50A flight from Newark to Buffalo crashed in a small town last night.