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    Trump Calls Google Results ‘RIGGED’Another supposed case of tech bias.
  2. Charlottesville Gives Tech Companies an Opportunity to Finally Take a StandIt’s no longer about equal access to an open dialogue.
  3. Snapchat’s IPO Shows How Expensive It Is to Compete in Silicon ValleySilicon Valley is supposed to be the land of disruptors. But it’s not easy to compete with established giants.
  4. Things Are Getting Wild at the GOP’s Platform MeetingsGay conversion therapy? Porn regulations? Both are on the table.
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    Trend Report: What You’ll Be Wearing Next SpringIt’s not too soon to be thinking of these things.
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    Lily Allen Wore a Tutu Around Her ChestAnd light-up platform sneakers.
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    Wish List: Charlotte Olympia Rising Star SandalNow, this is a disco shoe.
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    How to Find the Perfect Platform ShoesFun, festive shoes exist among a sea of fetish-inspired options.
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    GOP Dusts Off the Old Abortion PlankHow abortion became part of the GOP platform.
  10. Clamoring Public Is Forcing Donald Trump to ‘Really Think’ About Running for PresidentWould I rather not do it? I would rather not do it. But I am really thinking about it, first time in my life.”