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  1. the brain
    What Tasers Do to the BrainA study hints at some serious implications for when suspects should be read their Miranda rights.
  2. The Chain Gang
    Dairy Queen Worker Gets Caught Spitting on Cop’s HamburgerHe’s now in jail and — surprise, surprise — fired.
  3. Can This ‘Smart Policing’ Program Teach the NYPD How to Listen?Deputy police commissioner Michael Julian has devised a three-day course designed to emphasize the civil in cop-civilian relations.
  4. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy Is FiredMayor Rahm Emanuel asked Garry McCarthy to step down as the city grapples with the aftermath of the Laquan McDonald video.
  5. 5 Black Lives Matter Protesters Shot in MinneapolisProtesters say it wasn’t the first time that “white supremacists” showed up at their encampment, but this time they opened fire.
  6. Disgraced Illinois ‘Hero’ Cop Spent Over $2,000 of Stolen Money on Movie TicketsCourt documents reveal that Fox Lake police lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz also spent his embezzled money on student-loan payments, porn, and eating out.
  7. President Obama Understands the ‘Scapegoating’ of Police But Urges Broad ReformsThe president called for gun control, justice reform, and changes in community policing. 
  8. Close Calls
    Kid Finds Officer’s Gun in a Restaurant Bathroom“I just knew by the panic in her voice, something was wrong.”
  9. NYPD Doesn’t Want to Talk About Its X-ray VansAn unsettling lack of transparency.
  10. The Chain Gang
    Olive Garden Is the Latest Restaurant to Boot an on-Duty CopThe officer was there with his family for a birthday lunch; the issue was his gun.
  11. The Chain Gang
    Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Tells Police Officer, ‘We Don’t ServeSo far, though, the worker still has her job.
  12. The Chain Gang
    Arby’s Offers Miami Police Free Combos After Staff Refused to Serve anThe company has also fired the manager who was responsible.
  13. The Chain Gang
    Arby’s Is in Big Trouble for Refusing to Serve a Police OfficerThe employees argue it was a bad joke gone wrong.
  14. Houston Deputy Sheriff ‘Assassinated’ While Pumping GasA suspect has now been charged, and though a motive is not yet clear, one police official is linking the murder to the Black Lives Matter movement.
  15. memorials
    Sandra Bland Will Have a Street Named in Her HonorUniversity Drive becomes Sandra Bland Parkway.
  16. Unarmed Black Teen Killed by Police at Texas Car DealershipChristian Taylor, 19, was a college football player at Angelo State University.
  17. Jailhouse Video Released Following Questions About Sandra Bland’s DeathHer family and friends say there’s no way she committed suicide, but the footage shows no one entered her cell.
  18. love and war
    Money Alone Won’t Solve the Rape-Kit BacklogA new report suggests that more guidelines are needed to address inconsistent rape-kit-testing policies.
  19. Video: The Texas Traffic Stop That Ended With a Woman’s Death in JailThe family of Sandra Bland wants the Justice Department to get involved. 
  20. Baltimore Mayor Replaces Police Commissioner Anthony BattsThe people of Baltimore deserve better.”
  21. The Supreme Court Decided Its First Cop-Shooting Case Since Ferguson. Cops Won.The Court gave no allowances for the mentally ill. 
  22. Obama Bans Local Police Departments From Using Some Military-Style EquipmentThe federal government will no longer provide tracked armored vehicles and other military-style weapons to local police.
  23. New York State Police Shackle ‘Combative’ 5-Year-Old’s Hands and FeetTroopers said they were forced to handcuff the child for their own safety.
  24. Dashcam Footage Shows Police Officer Ramming Into Armed Suspect on the SidewalkNew dashcam footage shows what happened during the February incident.
  25. Police Officer Put on Leave for Tickling CorpseHe “told another officer he ‘loves playing with dead bodies.’”
  26. For de Blasio and the NYPD, Mere Boos Are ProgressThe mayor’s efforts to lower the volume in his standoff with the NYPD may be working. 
  27. What Obama’s AG Pick Could Do in FergusonIn a talk from 2000, U.S. attorney Loretta Lynch outlined her preferred tool for tackling racial injustice in the police force.
  28. St. Louis Police Say Rams Apologized for ‘Hands Up’ Gesture; Team Denies ItThey’re literally arguing over the definition of “apology.”
  29. The NFL Doesn’t Care About the St. Louis Police Department’s Hurt FeelingsDoesn’t quite come out in support of players.
  30. crime and punishment
    The Tiny Police Department in Southern Oregon That Plans to End Campus RapeAnd it’s now telling Washington what’s up. 
  31. New Study Links Stop-and-Frisk With AnxietyAnd more police stops meant worse mental health. 
  32. Why the Worst Governments in America Are Local GovernmentsThe Orwellian horror of Big Small Government.
  33. Ferguson Police Have Started Using Body CamerasThey say they captured footage of protesters taunting them.
  34. q&a
    Meet the Teenage Sisters With an App to Prevent Police BrutalityIma and Asha Christensen made really good use of their summer vacation.
  35. kajieme powell
    It’s Really Difficult to Prevent ‘Suicide by Cop’When police protocol collides with suicidal behavior.
  36. mental illness
    Kajieme Powell Died Because Police Have Become America’s Mental-Health WorkersThis was a preventable tragedy, but prevention needed to start long before Powell was in an armed confrontation with police.
  37. There’s a Huge Racial Divide on Crime and Trusting the PoliceThe roots of the anger in Ferguson.
  38. Watching Ferguson: Violence Erupts in the StreamFollowing Ferguson on social media, where images of rage interrupt the usual sports chat and movie-casting rumors.
  39. The Insane Militarization of America’s PoliceBehind the gear used against the Michael Brown protesters.
  40. street harassment
    Man Stands Up to Catcallers, Gets Knocked UnconsciousPolice are still looking for the suspect.
  41. Upstate Police Department Asks If It’s Cool to Say ‘Negro’The answer is no. 
  42. reporting rape
    Police-Perpetrated Rape, Your New Horrifying Nightmare to Worry AboutA new essay reports a disturbing lack of accountability for officers who commit sexual assault.
  43. Sochi Security Wears Purple to Be PleasantSo the place doesn’t feel like a police state.
  44. Running With Knives
    Sushi Chef Chases After Dine-and-Dash Customer With KnifeNo more California rolls for the dine-and-dasher.
  45. House GOP Does House GOP-est Thing EverComically extreme ransom note not comically extreme enough.
  46. Crime Scenes
    Are Party Buses Really at the Root of Old City’s Problems?The police captain is urging bars in Old City to stop busing in rowdy, college-aged kids.
  47. Trouble
    Dine-and-Dash at Buffalo Wild Wings Leads to High-Speed ChaseThe bill was only $16.
  48. Splat
    School Food Fight Ends With Police Spraying MaceFour people went to the hospital.
  49. Crime Scenes
    Drunken Brawling Dumbasses Prompt Police to Step Up Their Presence in Old CityWhat exactly are “resources you might not see”?
  50. Prisoner Shoots Three Officers in New Jersey Police Station [Updated]Was shot and killed.
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