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  1. 2018 midterms
    Zephyr Teachout Gets an Ultrasound in Her Latest Campaign AdBaby Teachout, who’s due in October, got involved in mom’s campaign to be New York’s attorney general.
  2. The GOP’s New Midterm Message: Nancy Pelosi Wants to Cut MedicareRepublicans’ closing argument in an Ohio congressional special election is that a Democrat-controlled House would cut Medicare and Social Security.
  3. Can Doug Jones’s Money Make Roy Moore’s Misdeeds Matter?The alleged sex predator is creeping back up in recent polls, even as his Democratic rival outspends him on TV ads by seven to one.
  4. Pro-Trump Group Launches Ads to Bolster Trumpcare SupportersAmerica First Policies will spend $3 million on boosting supporters of the president’s health-care law, as Trump tries to revive it on Capitol Hill.
  5. The Ad War Is Getting Nasty — and Expensive — in Georgia’s Special ElectionThere hasn’t ever been anything like it in Georgia politics, with $14 million spent so far — $5 million by Jon Ossoff.
  6. Big-Money Donors Mobilize to Save Trump’s PresidencyMeanwhile, small-dollar donors are delivering record-breaking sums of money to anti-Trump Democrats.
  7. Why Trump Can’t Afford to Let Clinton Dominate the Political-Ad WarTrump’s disdain for paid TV ads in a general election isn’t irrational. But it is if he lets himself get pounded without responding.
  8. Rove Horrified Trump Might Not Wage Ad WarTo Karl Rove, running for president without raising and spending megabucks on attack ads is blasphemy. He’s begging Donald Trump to repent.
  9. Eric Garner’s Daughter Endorses Bernie Sanders In 4-Minute AdBlack Lives Matter was once a “problem” for Bernie Sanders. Now it appears to be one of his strongest bases.
  10. No More Mr. Nice Bernie?To go negative, or not to go negative — that is the question facing the Bernie Sanders campaign.
  11. Cheating Congressman Declares He’s Blessed to Have a ‘Wonderful Christian Wife’In 2014’s skeeziest political ad.
  12. Dancing With the Stars Is the Most Bi-partisan Show on TelevisionThe show has brought in the most ad purchases for both parties.
  13. ‘Real Mama Grizzlies’ Charge at Sarah Palin in New CampaignMoms don bear masks to fight Sarah Palin’s attempt to own human and grizzly motherhood.
  14. Colorado Senate Candidate Is So Manly, He Walks Around With Poop Right on His ShoesThe Colorado GOP Senate primary gets very entertaining.
  15. Candidate for Agriculture Commissioner Seconds Away From Rounding Up a PosseOne of the best political ads of the year.