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  1. Callista Gingrich an Odd Vatican Ambassador for an Odd PresidentHer identification with two adulterous pols whose policies are deplored in the Vatican won’t make life easy for America’s new representative.
  2. coming out
    Where Are All the Gay Men in Rome?There are signs of the Mafia everywhere, but the Gay Mafia? Not so much.
  3. Rival Popes Will Not Be Watching the World Cup Together, or at AllThey don’t really care, and it’s on too late anyway.
  4. Pope Benedict’s Blessing Doesn’t Hold Much Sway in Brooklyn Court No, a letter from Pope Francis wouldn’t have been more effective.
  5. Catholics Get Double Helpings of Popes, Saints at Vatican Mass For the first time ever.
  6. Pope Benedict Did a Lot of Defrocking His Last 2 YearsOf priests who abused children.
  7. Francis and Benedict Get Together for Pope-OffOr something like that.
  8. Pope Shows Off With Ring, Cape, and One Last Speech While Leaving the BuildingBenedict did it big today.
  9. The Top 38 Pope Tweets of All Time [Updated]Pope Benedict XVI sent his finally message today.
  10. Pope Benedict XVI to Keep Most of His Holy Outfit, NameBut he’ll lose the handmade red leather loafers.
  11. Anti-Gay Cardinal Resigns Immediately After Gay RumorsBritain’s top cardinal will not be picking a new pope.
  12. New Scandal Emerges as Pope Does Final ServiceIt’s been a stressful week at the Vatican.
  13. Vatican Denies Gay Blackmail RumorsApparently it’s all just “gossip.”
  14. Pope Also Abandoning 1.5 Million People on TwitterThe @Pontifex account is ending.
  15. Gay Vatican Blackmail Might Have Pushed the Pope OutAccording to an Italian paper.
  16. The Pope Could Fly His Own Helicopter Into the Sunset, If He Wanted ToBenedict XVI has a license.
  17. Vatican Rushing to Pick a New Pope by Easter It’s a big day for them, after all.
  18. Outgoing Pope Gets Standing OvationBut what about the papal ring?
  19. Alan Cumming Is Ready for the First Gay PopeI’m horrified by this Pope.”
  20. zomg shoes
    An Ode to Pope Benedict XVI’s Sassy FootwearThose bright red Prada loafers will be missed.
  21. How the Pope Will Spend His RetirementWriting about Jesus, probably.
  22. Latin Not Totally UselessA journalist broke news of the Pope’s resignation because she knew Latin.
  23. Vatican Shocker: Pope to Resign for the First Time in 600 Years@pontifex is bowing out.
  24. beauty marks
    The Pope Gets a Fragrance; SNL Hoards WigsPlus, Adam Levine defends his celebrity scent.
  25. Vatican Rocked by Alleged Plot to Kill the PopeIt involves two Italian cardinals and the Vatican’s Secretary of State.
  26. Pope Names Archbishop Timothy Dolan CardinalThe New York City religious leader is part of a new, hip crop of advisers.
  27. worshipping fashion
    Franca Sozzani Has Questions for the PopeNaturally, she blogged them.
  28. Pope Benedictus XVI Pens His Very First TweetIt isn’t controversial. Yet.
  29. The Pope Doesn’t Blame the Jews for Killing JesusAnd in his new book, he’ll tell you why.
  30. Why Are These Men Slowly Stripping for the Pope?And why does he seem to like it so much?
  31. Pope Now Acknowledges That, Actually, Several Instances Probably Call for the Use of a CondomFor Benedict, the use of condoms by people infected with H.I.V. could be ‘the first step of responsibility, whether it’s a man or woman or a transsexual.’”
  32. Pope Seems a Little Unsure of His Own Stance on CondomsOf course the Church does not regard condom use as a real or moral solution.”
  33. Extremely Religious Elderly Man Cedes That in One Particular Case, Condoms Are Probably a Good IdeaNamely, if you’re a gay hooker.
  34. Extremely Religious Elderly Man Does Not Care for the InternetsA large number of young people … establish forms of communication that do not increase humaneness.”
  35. Spanish Officer Wants in on the Action, TooGay activists in Barcelona protested Pope Benedict XVI’s anti-gay beliefs by kissing each other in front of him.
  36. Five Algerians Arrested in London Over Threat to the PopeThe Pope is enjoying a wonderful visit, warmly welcomed wherever he goes.”
  37. From St. Peter’s Square, Pope Asks for ForgivenessThis is the first time he’s done so from a pulpit in the Church’s holy seat.
  38. Pope Assigns Archbishop Dolan, Others to Irish-Church Review PanelThe investigation team will look into churches and seminaries there.
  39. Pope: Gay Marriage One of ‘the Most Insidious and Dangerous Threats to the Common Good Today’Because remember that time recently when gay marriage molested 200 deaf boys and then systematically covered its own ass for it?
  40. Pope: ‘The Greatest Persecution of the Church Doesn’t Come From Enemies on the Outside But Is Born From the Sins Within the Church’Maybe the Church’s latest troubles aren’t the fault of the ‘Times’ after all!
  41. Times Sets Sights on Vatican Chief DefenderToday’s paper examines the past decisions of Cardinal William Levada.
  42. Vatican: Pope May Apologize for Handling of Abuse CasesYou may have assumed he’s done this before.
  43. Pope Meets With Abuse Victims for First TimeApparently the meeting was exhausting.
  44. Pope Breaks Silence Over Recent Church ScandalsI have to say that we Christians, even in recent times, have often avoided the word ‘penance,’ which seems too harsh.”
  45. Atheists Want to Arrest the PopeRichard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are trying to build a case for “crimes against humanity.”
  46. the gods must be crazy
    On Good Friday, Church Compares Persecution of Jews to Current Scrutiny Over Priest Pedophilia Cover-UpsThe ‘Times’ continues flagellating the Church.
  47. Vatican Goes After Times Over CoverageMaureen Dowd is just “silly.”
  48. Pope Defended on Palm SundayTimothy Dolan took to the pulpit to speak up for his boss.
  49. Pope Benedict Chose Not to Punish, or Alert Authorities About, Priest Who Molested 200 Deaf ChildrenFather Lawrence Murphy instead was allowed to minister to children all the way up to his death in 1998.
  50. the vatican
    Harry Potter 6 Gets Thumbs-up From VaticanSays the Vatican newspaper: ‘Harry Potter 6’ is the “best in the series.”
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