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  1. religion
    From Zika to Trump: The Savvy Politics of Pope FrancisHe’s a PR master, walking a fine line between established Church doctrine and the wishful thinking of his fans.
  2. Southern Hostility to Francis Not About ReligionOld anti-Catholic traditions have all but died in the Deep South, but conservatives aren’t likely to back the views of a left-wing Latin American.
  3. trump cards
    GOP Candidates Reject Trump Attack, Tell Pope They’ll Decide Who’s ChristianQuestioning another man’s faith is “disgraceful” — unless he’s running against you.
  4. Pope Francis Says Donald Trump Is Not a ChristianDonald responds by saying that Francis will regret his remarks when ISIS destroys the Vatican.
  5. holywood
    Fame Has Really Changed the PopeThanks, Leo.
  6. the pussy posse rides again
    Leo’s Influence on the Pope Is Stronger Than Axe Body SprayIs Francis the newest member of the Pussy Posse?
  7. holywood
    The Pope Meets Leonardo DiCaprio One Time and Suddenly He Thinks He’s an ActorWhat have you done, Leo?
  8. the industry
    Pope Francis Is Shamelessly Hunting for an EGOTHe’ll play himself in the upcoming film Beyond the Sun.
  9. unlikely pairings
    Leonardo DiCaprio Not As Fluent in Italian As His Name Might SuggestGood effort.
  10. leo and the pope
    Leonardo DiCaprio Met With the PopeNever let go, Pope.
  11. cool pope yeah right
    Pope Francis Believes God Thought the Internet Was a Good IdeaAnd on the seventh day He created the internet.
  12. select all
    Pope Francis Doesn’t Read His @-MentionsThe cool pope strikes again.
  13. Historic: Women’s Feet No Longer Too Gross to Be Washed by PopeFinally!
  14. pope police
    Vatican Police Arrest Two for Allegedly Leaking Secret Papal DocumentsHoly See PD.
  15. The Chain Gang
    Così Is Blaming Pope Francis for Lackluster September SalesApparently business tanked because the chain has so many D.C., New York, and Philadelphia locations.
  16. religion
    Let’s Be Honest: The Pope Probably Agrees With Kim Davis on Same-Sex MarriageLiberals are deluding themselves about Francis’s openness and radicalism. 
  17. equal rites
    Kim Davis’s Attorneys Claim She Secretly Met Pope FrancisThe Vatican has yet to confirm.
  18. Bummers
    The Pope’s Visit Was Actually a Financial Disaster for Restaurants“This affected business worse than Hurricane Sandy.”
  19. reconciliation
    Mark Wahlberg Asked the Pope to Forgive Him for His Ted MoviesHe hopes God has a sense of humor, and so do we.
  20. pope francis
    Pope Francis Meets With Sex-Abuse Victims, Promises VigilanceSurvivor-group activists weren’t impressed.
  21. pope francis
    How New York City Celebrated Pope Francis’s VisitScenes from the crowds near the 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, and East Harlem. 
  22. papal visit
    The Best Social Media Images From Pope Francis’s Procession Through Central ParkSome 80,000 people were expected.
  23. the pope's american adventure
    3rd-Graders School Pope Francis in East HarlemHe may be the holiest man on earth, but technology is not his thing. 
  24. new music
    Cool Pope Is Releasing an Album; Hear His Fire New SingleWake Up! will arrive November 27.
  25. Pope Francis at the 9/11 Memorial in 8 PicturesHe prayed at the 9/11 memorial, then took part in a multi-faith service at the museum.
  26. nun stuff
    What Activist Nuns Really Think About the PopeThey would prefer that he be a little more flexible when it comes to women’s rights.
  27. popepalooza
    Scenes From Pope Francis’s Arrival in New YorkThe streets were lined with protesters, vendors, and of course, throngs of believers.
  28. Pope Francis Is the Barack Obama of the PapacyHis speech to Congress sounded pretty familiar.
  29. pope's american adventure
    Pope Francis Met With the Nuns Suing Over Obamacare“This is a sign, obviously, of support for them” in their legal case, said a Vatican spokesperson.
  30. pope's american adventure
    Pope Gives First Official Mass in U.S.About 25,000 attended the historic ceremony. 
  31. Tie-Ins
    Here Are the Most Over-the-Top Foods Commemorating Pope Francis’s VisitYou can eat pizzas and pretzels in his spitting image.
  32. popepalooza
    Lawmakers Practice Being Nice for Tomorrow’s Papal Address“We actually hope that we can show a little more decorum for the pope than we sometimes do at State of the Union addresses.”
  33. The Toughest Job in Washington? Being a Pope Francis Protestor Some victims of sexual abuse think Francis isn’t doing enough.
  34. papal visit
    Pope Francis Addresses U.S. BishopsAfter his visit to the White House and a parade in D.C., the pope spoke to bishops at the Cathedral of St. Matthew.
  35. papal visit
    The Pope’s White House Visit in 10 ImagesPope Francis goes to Washington.
  36. religion
    Pope Francis’s Revolution Has Left Out WomenIn both words and deeds, he supports reinforcing traditional gender roles within the Catholic Church. 
  37. Americans Tell the Pope What They Want to HearA guide to special-interest pleadings for his blessing.
  38. A Primer for Pope Francis’s American AdventurePapal tourism 101. (Perhaps he’ll bless the gridlock his visit will cause.)
  39. papal fashion
    Pope Francis Is Our Normcore PopeIs the pope stylish or do we just love robes?
  40. pope francis
    Pope Francis Begins Trip to Cuba and U.S.Received as a hero in Havana for his role in improving U.S.-Cuban relations, the Latin American pontiff hopes to reenergize Cuba’s many Catholics.
  41. pope francis
    Pope Francis’s NYC Visit Is Going to Be a Logistical Nightmare The fact that it coincides with the U.N. General Assembly is only part of the problem.
  42. Pope Francis’s Refugee Morality PlayFrancis applies familiar Catholic values and waits for the world’s knees to buckle.
  43. really?
    People Are Selling Pope Tix on CraigslistHow does $3,000 for a pair sound?
  44. pope francis
    3,500 Cuban Prisoners Especially Excited for Pope Francis’s VisitBecause they’re getting released early.
  45. religion
    The Wily Political Strategy of Pope FrancisThe bipartisan pontiff likes to keep them guessing.
  46. The Pope’s Mass Chair Arrives in Madison Square GardenCardinal Timothy Dolan led the big reveal. 
  47. religion
    On Abortion, Pope Francis Undertakes a Revolutionary Act of CompassionThe pope’s incredible act of mercy also represents a more inclusive future for the Catholic Church.
  48. the pope
    The Popemobile Will Now Be Cruising Through Central ParkNew Yorkers can win tickets via a lottery to see Pope Francis there September 25.
  49. the vatican
    Pope Invites Oprah, Damon, Geffen to VaticanFor a meeting about the Catholic Church’s portrayal in Hollywood.
  50. climate change
    Even the Pope Can’t Make de Blasio Run on TimeIn the mayor’s defense, however, he can’t control the weather — although the mayors assembled in Rome would like to.
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