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Power Couples

  1. power couples
    Carol Burnett and Tina Fey Are Working on a Movie TogetherThe movie is based on Burnett’s book about her relationship with her late daughter.
  2. power couples
    The Obamas Have Blessed Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s UnionLook at this handwritten note!
  3. post-presidency life
    Michelle and Barack Obama Were Feeling the Music at the Beyoncé and Jay-Z ShowPower couple is fan of other power couple.
  4. power couples
    Let Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Convince You They’re BFFsOtherwise known as their People interview.
  5. power couples
    Barack and Michelle Obama Had a MomentWe’re really going to miss Barack and Michelle.
  6. just married
    Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele Went and ElopedBeach casual with no pants requested.
  7. power couples
    Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Sitting in a Weirwood Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-GIt’s offish.
  8. power couples
    Behold 2015’s Most Stylish CoupleThat would be Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent.
  9. power couples
    Serena Williams Made Out With a Fan [Updated]Drake and Serena are your new favorite power couple.
  10. power couples
    Megyn Kelly Inspired a Novel (by Her Husband)The Means features a character who resembles Kelly, except brunette.
  11. power couples
    What Will Happen If Kate Middleton and Beyoncé Meet Gird your loins, people.
  12. power couples
    The Marriage Behind High MaintenanceTalking to the husband-and-wife team who created the beloved web series.
  13. power couples
    Anna Wintour: Michael Kors and I Are Like Beyoncé and Jay ZLet her explain.
  14. instagramatic
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Try Out Their Mona Lisa Smiles at the LouvreOld icon, meet new icon.
  15. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Are Now Married Sorry, ladies and gentlemen. 
  16. power couples
    A Comprehensive History of Jay Z and Beyoncé’s RelationshipIs the greatest love story of our time doomed to end?
  17. power couples
    George Takei Is Always That Happy — Just Ask George Takei’s HusbandThe Star Trek actor and social-media star is the subject of the the new documentary To Be Takei.
  18. power couples
    Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez: Still Beautiful, Less AmbiguousAn ambiguous relationship becomes an awesome one. 
  19. relationships
    Meet the Women Who Run Hollywood (and the Slacker Husbands They’re Over)“It’s harder for women to get to the top than men, so you’re a little more proprietary about your money.”
  20. all gucci all the time
    Frida Giannini Is Sometimes a ‘River of Words’ at HomeAnd more revelations on the “warm, not cuddly” top dogs at Gucci.
  21. big love
    Nicole Kidman Says Famous Love Is the Best Kind of LoveHave you ever been in love when you’re famous? 
  22. posh knows best
    Beckham Accused of Choosing Victoria Over SoccerAnd this is a bad thing?
  23. secrets
    Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan Broke Up a Year AgoIn other news, they were dating each other! For like six years! 
  24. power couples
    Tyler Perry’s Madea and Oprah’s Ms. Sofia Are Hanging OutThe Color Purple meets Madea. 
  25. power couples
    Jessica Biel Goes Out When Justin Timberlake Is SickAtta girl. 
  26. Power Couples
    Tyler Florence and Wife Tolan Talk Earned Success, and Their Mill Valley Home’They say overnight successes take fifteen years. Well, here we are.’
  27. power couples
    Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Engaged to Gay-Rights Advocate Sean EldridgeChris Hughes proposed in Thailand.
  28. the most important weddings in the world
    Beautiful Lauren Bush to Become Married Lauren LaurenDavid Lauren and Lauren Bush are engaged.
  29. coffee dates
    Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift on a Regular Coffee-Drinking Road Trip NowSpotted in Nashville.
  30. power couples
    Adorable Things This Holiday Season, Part OneJake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift sipped maple lattes together in Park Slope, while staring into one another’s eyes.
  31. power couples
    Anthony Weiner Tied the KnotHuma Abedin is making an honest man out of a politician.
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    G.E. Executive Writes Totally Gay Mash Note to Tyra Banks’s Boyfriend“Incredible!” “Impressive!”