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Prank Calls

  1. prank calls
    Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland Prank Called Joel Osteen’s Prayer Line As RickThe Rick and Morty star speaks in tongues.
  2. oops
    Rick Perry Was Prank-Called by Some RussiansThe secretary of Energy discussed the Paris accord, cybersecurity, and pig manure.
  3. new yorker festival 2016
    Jonah Hill Prepares for His Roles by Prank Calling Best Buy in CharacterMaybe you’re helping him troubleshoot a printer right now.
  4. horrible customers
    Florida Man Legally Banned From Ordering PizzaHe made “at least” $667 worth of fake pizza orders.
  5. prank calls
    Kendrick Prank-Called Jay Rock on Live Radio“You know I like ‘em tall, dark, and handsome.” 
  6. The Definitive Guide to One of the Greatest Prank Calls of All TimeIn the pre-internet age, the best prank calls and underground videos were passed hand-to-hand on cassette and VHS tapes, creating a subculture […]
  7. prank calls
    Listen to Liam Neeson Prank-Call Maggie Grace’s Ex-BoyfriendDon’t mess with Liam Neeson.
  8. her mossness
    Kate Moss Sounds Incredible in This Prank CallHer best publicity in a while!
  9. creepy things
    Katie Couric’s Late Husband’s Phone Is Prank Calling 911Jay Monahan’s name still on the number.
  10. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton’s Nurse Fooled by Prank CallerShe gave out confidential information about the Duchess’s condition.
  11. Canadian Radio Duo Prank Calls U.N. ChiefFrom the guys who brought us the Sarah Palin 2008 prank call.
  12. cable news news
    C-SPAN Has Worldlier Prank Callers Than MostLately, they’re curious about Mitt Romney’s anatomy.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ex-Cop Admits to Prank-Calling Rudy Giuliani, Ray Kelly“Is your refrigerator running?”
  14. what's the matter with wisconsin?
    Totally Unrelated to Governor Walker Incident, Wisconsin Lawmakers Now Trying to Ban Prank CallsThe man obviously can’t distinguish between fake and real calls on his own.