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  1. Coming Soon
    Will Asian Small Plates be Boston’s Next Big Thing?The Red Lantern team shines a light on Southie.
  2. the future is coming
    Can Faceboook Really Predict When You’ll Break Up?Probably not.
  3. early and often
    Nate Silver, Facebook Is Trying To Make You ObsoleteNo need for all those complicated algorithms.
  4. it is almost baseball time folks
    Ten Predictions From Baseball Prospectus’s PECOTA ForecastPECOTA likes the Rays … and the Yankees to finish THIRD.
  5. TV Land
    Los Angeles Crushes Aaron Sanchez’ StereotypesLos Angeles turns out to have more than the Chefs vs. The City star thought.
  6. predictions
    All Right, It’s Time for This Playoff Business to Get Started’New York”s staff predictions for the 2009 baseball postseason.
  7. Trimmings
    Sorella’s Chef, Emma Hearst, Passes Catty NotesWhat’s up with the weird ‘Note from the Chef’ at Sorella? Plus, female chefs make their 2009 predictions.
  8. Trends
    Blog Assesses 2008 Predictions While Magazine Makes 2009 PredictionsDid Epicurious’ predictions for 2008 pan out? And what will next year hold?