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  1. good one podcast
    What It Was Like Writing Jokes for President ObamaAnd why Donald Trump shouldn’t skip the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
  2. $$$$
    Barack and Michelle Obama Sign Book Deals With Penguin Random HouseThe two will write their own autobiographies separately, but sell them as a unit.
  3. uncanny impressions
    Jordan Peele Debuts His New Obama Impression: Vacation ObamaLike regular Obama, but with a few more drinks and rapidly increasing kitesurfing skills.
  4. vacation had to get away
    Richard Branson Helps Obama Cram 8 Years of Relaxation Into One VacationIncluding the second most memorable kitesurfing photo Branson has ever taken.
  5. vacation had to get away
    Richard Branson Helps Obama Cram 8 Years of Relaxation Into One VacationIncluding the second most memorable kitesurfing photo Branson has ever taken.
  6. Enjoy the Last of Barack Obama’s Literary Wisdom“I don’t worry about the survival of the novel. We’re a storytelling species.”
  7. m.i.a.
    Sasha Obama Had a Good Reason for Skipping Her Dad’s Farewell AddressStill, the Internet wondered: #whereissasha?
  8. goodbye obama
    Chance the Rapper Recaps Obama’s Last Party“It was black. It was beautiful.”
  9. courage
    President Obama Is the Best Possible GroomsmanThe ultimate show of confidence.
  10. open letters
    Read T.I.’s Open Letter to President Barack ObamaIt’s the first in a series of planned open letters to Obama, PEOTUS Trump, and America as a whole.
  11. last night on late night
    Chance Rings in Our Last Obama Christmas on SNLLeave out a plate of delicious dad jeans for the president to enjoy.
  12. presidential medal of freedom
    Ellen to Receive Presidential Medal of FreedomThey’ll be honored alongside your dad, Tom Hanks, and many more very cool people.
  13. this is halloween
    Watch the Obamas Attempt the ‘Thriller’ DanceYour body starts to shiver.
  14. last night on late night
    Obama and Samantha Bee Tell Scary Stories About What’ll Happen If You Don’t VoteFull Frontal’s very special Halloween interview with POTUS takes a spooky turn.
  15. last night on late night
    Watch Samantha Bee Interview Barack ObamaFull Frontal’s very special Halloween interview with POTUS takes a spooky turn.
  16. climate change
    Leo DiCaprio Calls Out Climate-Change Deniers The actor moderated a panel at the White House’s South by South Lawn festival.
  17. battle of the barrys
    Netflix Purchases Obama Film BarryIt premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.
  18. Obama Just Shortened 61 Drug Offenders’ Prison SentencesMore than a third of them were serving life sentences. 
  19. Merrick Garland Will Be Obama’s SCOTUS NomineeThe president is announcing his pick at 11 a.m. 
  20. somewhere sasha and malia are cringing
    Obama Sends a Good-bye Message to MythBustersAn apotheosis of dad.
  21. The Obamas Will Give SXSW KeynotesThe first president to speak at SXSW? Oh yeah, that’s another first.
  22. Obama Wants $1.8 Billion to Fight ZikaOne big swat.
  23. There Are Now Fewer Than 100 Prisoners at GitmoTen men were transferred to Oman on Thursday.
  24. Snowden Says He Reported Concerns to More Than 10 NSA Officials FirstTo “more than 10 distinct officials,” no less.
  25. bragging rights
    Obama Knows Idris Elba Is Way SexyThis according to Elba, but we don’t doubt it.
  26. higher powers
    President Obama, Patron Saint of Drunk StarsAnother drunk celebrity invokes his name.
  27. Concussion, Player-Safety Talk Sneaking Its Way Into Usual Super Bowl Hype BlitzIt’s not all sunshine and dumb Ray Lewis talk.
  28. quotables
    Claire Danes and President Obama Compared Job PerformancesYou’re doing great. No, you are.
  29. our casual dysmoprhia
    Being the President Is a Good DietPresident Obama got his pre-baby body back!
  30. daily male
    WWD Thinks President Obama’s Pants Are Too BaggyThey note that he’s lost some weight.
  31. Poll: Obama Pulls Away in Ohio, Puts Florida Back in PlayThree days to go!
  32. This Simpsons Animator’s Pro-Obama Video Is As Fun As Campaign Ads GetIt has bobbleheads!
  33. debates
    Did He Say Anything About Me Last Night? On not being pandered to in the presidential debate.
  34. Republicans’ Latest Anti-Obama Weapon: BabiesWill someone please think of the children? 
  35. Air Force One Fails a Landing in OhioDue to inclement weather.
  36. Ed Koch ‘Doesn’t Trust’ Obama on IsraelBut he’s supporting him anyway. 
  37. dui queens
    New Low-han: Lindsay Jealous of Amanda Bynes@BarackObama, please end special treatment of Nickelodeon stars! You must consider Disney stars as well.
  38. President Obama’s Fund-raising Machine Is Sputtering For the first time, the president and the Democrats have less in the bank than Mitt and the RNC.
  39. Happy Birthday, Mr. President: You Don’t Look a Day Over 50Today is Obama’s 51st.
  40. Here’s a Billboard Comparing President Obama to the Colorado ShooterClassy.
  41. Mitt Romney Is Still Winning the Fund-raising War Liberal super-PACs to the rescue? 
  42. Alberto Gonzales Thinks Obama May Have Overstepped on Immigration Policy The former Attorney General says he’s in favor of “helping these kids.”
  43. David Axelrod on How to Overturn Citizens UnitedObama’s chief political strategist weighs in on campaign finance, gay marriage, and Mitt Romney.
  44. McCain Says Obama Ultimately ‘Responsible’ for National Security LeaksThe president may not have done it himself, but the president is certainly responsible as the commander in chief.”
  45. youth vote
    The Obama Campaign: Young Hollywood EditionPresident Obama takes inspiration from Vanity Fair.
  46. President Obama Not Actually a ‘Twoosh Master’Yeah, we didn’t know what that was either.
  47. Obama vs. Romney: Mother’s Day EditionThe campaigns’ competing Mother’s Day remembrances.
  48. Hillary Clinton Won’t Campaign for Obama, Even As 2016 Rumors PersistBill: “If she changes her mind and decides to run, I’ll be happy.”
  49. Santorum Says Obama’s Not a Real Christian, Then Grudgingly Admits He IsTold supporters Obama believes in “phony theology, not a theology based on the Bible.”
  50. Rasmussen: Santorum Would Beat Obama, Romney Would NotA snapshot of (un)reality.
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