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  1. lose yourself
    President Obama Lost Himself in the Music, the Moment Before DNC SpeechHe was listening to “Lose Yourself,” obviously.
  2. Donald Trump Criticizes Obama’s Anti-Cop ‘Body Language’The GOP nominee argues that when the first black president says positive things about cops, something about the way he looks casts doubt on his sincerity.
  3. spoilers are coming
    Watch President Obama Spoil GOT DeathsHe names eight fallen characters before encouraging everyone to vote.
  4. Obama Is Now the First Sitting U.S. President to Call Himself a FeministLet’s hope we’ll hear it more now.
  5. GOP Senator Asks Christians to Pray for Obama’s Speedy DeathGeorgia senator David Perdue told conservative Christians to pray that Obama’s “days be few.” But he was just joking!
  6. After Meeting With Obama, Bernie Sanders Moves Toward PeaceSanders now says he looks forward to meeting with Hillary Clinton to “see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump.”
  7. early and awkward
    President Obama on Donald Trump: ‘Ignorance Is Not a Virtue’In a commencement speech, Obama dragged Trump without saying his name even once.
  8. roll clip!
    Macklemore and President Obama Team Up to Address Opioid Addiction“We need to get treatment to more people who need it.”
  9. Barack Obama Will Be the First Sitting President to Visit HiroshimaThe visit is intended to “highlight his continued commitment to pursuing the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.”
  10. lgbt rights
    Obama to Name Stonewall Inn First-Ever National Monument for Gay RightsJust in time for Pride Month.
  11. Watch Larry Wilmore Roast the Press at the White House Correspondents’ […]The Nightly Show’s Larry Wilmore hosted the White House Correspondents’ Dinner over the weekend, and even though President Obama was a tough […]
  12. the white house
    Obama Would Like the Media to Be Nicer, PleaseThe president feels “picked on and misunderstood” by the press.
  13. Obama to UK: Don’t Brexit. UK to Obama: Piss OffLondon mayor Boris Johnson suggested that the “part-Kenyan” president’s position might be motivated by an “ancestral dislike of the British empire.”
  14. in memoriam
    Barack and Michelle Obama Mourn Prince, ‘Creative Icon’“Few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of popular music more distinctly, or touched quite so many people with their talent.”
  15. science
    President Obama to Host Science Channel DNewsBarack Obama the Science … Lama? Yes.
  16. Obama Condemns Cruz’s ‘Muslim Patrol’ ProposalObama notes that Cruz’s father came to America to flee the kind of repressive surveillance Cruz just proposed for America’s Muslims.
  17. In Right-Wing Fever Dream Come True, Obama Meets With Castro, Laments Embargo“What we did for 50 years did not serve our interests or the interests of the Cuban people,” the president said in Havana on Monday.
  18. President Obama Appears on Cuban Sketch ShowGracias, Obama!
  19. daaaaaaaad
    Cool Teen Malia Endures Further Parental EmbarrassmentDaaaaad.
  20. epic rap battles
    President Obama Prefers Kendrick to DrakeObama definitely blasts To Pimp a Butterfly before important meetings.
  21. Barack Obama Reveals the Fondest Memory of His PresidencyHint: There’s one achievement Obama cares about more than any other. 
  22. running wild with bear grylls
    Watch Obama Eat an Already-Chewed SalmonDrinking his own pee, however, is out of the question. Even if Bear Grylls asks him.
  23. Obama: ‘Immigration Is Our Origin Story’“We can never say it often or loudly enough: Immigrants and refugees revitalize and renew America.”
  24. No Child Left Behind Is Officially DoneObama signed “Every Student Succeeds,” a new bipartisan education bill that scraps the program by giving states more power to decide testing and teacher evaluations.
  25. 5 Signs the Secret Service Is in CrisisA bipartisan congressional investigation found that the agency is “in crisis.”
  26. presidential medal of freedom
    Obama Awards the Medal of Freedom to SpielbergLet freedom ring around your neck!
  27. Hillary Clinton Unveils Her Hawkish Alternative to Obama’s ISIS StrategyAt the Council on Foreign Relations, Clinton called for intensifying and broadening the current approach to defeating ISIS.
  28. bromances
    President Obama Probably Misses John Boehner Already “Boehner, man, I’m going to miss you.”
  29. President Obama Understands the ‘Scapegoating’ of Police But Urges Broad ReformsThe president called for gun control, justice reform, and changes in community policing. 
  30. mistakes were made
    Obama Calls In Apology for Hospital Bombing “We screwed up.”
  31. welcomes
    Kenyans Prep for the Prez’s Visit: ‘Obamacare’Nairobi is getting a face-lift, amid a swell of pride and profit-seeking.
  32. President Obama and Jon Stewart Will Have Their Final ‘Daily Show’ […]Barack Obama is paying Jon Stewart a visit at The Daily Show one more time before Stewart says farewell on August 6th. According to Dave […]
  33. criminal justice
    Obama Grants Clemency to 46 Nonviolent Drug OffendersThe White House has now issued 89 drug commutations. 
  34. wtf with marc maron
    President Obama Talks to Marc Maron“The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives, you know, that casts a long shadow, and that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on.”
  35. How Obama Learned to ‘Politicize’ ShootingsAfter Sandy Hook, he got more forceful about gun violence.
  36. non-real wars
    President Obama Is in the Midst of a So-Called ‘Sneaker War’Not to be confused with a, y’know, real war.
  37. Secret Service Wants to Practice Saving President Obama at a Fake White HouseIt would only cost $8 million.
  38. call me maybe
    Kanye: President Obama Totally Calls the House“Don’t try to pit us against each other.”
  39. obits
    President Obama Speaks on Death of Leonard Nimoy“I loved Spock.”
  40. Only 9 Percent of Republicans Think Obama Believes in Christianity ‘Deep Down’Few people of any political persuasion can imagine the horrors of the president being an atheist. 
  41. islamic state watch
    Obama Asks Congress to Authorize Force Against ISISHe sent a letter asking for a three-year commitment to defeating the terrorist group.
  42. movies
    Obama Announces North Korea Sanctions in Response to Sony HackThe White House still thinks North Korea is behind the Interview debacle.
  43. Rum
    Genuine Havana Club Is One Step Closer to a U.S. RolloutJust in time for the ten-year re-release of ‘Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.’
  44. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert’s Sparring- and Zing-Filled Interview With President ObamaSomeone even gets compared to Hitler a little bit.
  45. President Obama Took Over Last Night’s ‘Colbert Report’President Barack Obama was the guest on last night’s special Colbert Report episode taped from Washington DC, and not only did he sit down for […]
  46. good gets
    President Obama to Appear on The Colbert ReportLucky.
  47. last night on late night
    The Tonight Show Makes President Obama Sing ‘Shake It Off’He needs it.
  48. Power Moves
    President Obama Had an Enormous Cake for LunchHe made an unannounced pit stop and shelled out $38.99 for this six-layer, chocolate-covered behemoth.
  49. equal rites
    Obama Now Thinks Same-Sex Marriage Is a Constitutional RightBut he’s fine with the incremental approach.
  50. Swipeouts
    Some Poor Waitress Had to Tell President Obama That His Credit Card Was Declined“Turns out I guess I don’t use it enough.”
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