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  1. Jill Stein May Face Charges for Graffiti While Protesting an Oil PipelineThe Green Party candidate wrote “I approve this message” in red spray paint.
  2. the body politic
    Donald Trump and the Long History of White Men Claiming FraudHe is not the first candidate to cry illegitimacy.
  3. the body politic
    Why Do Democrats Feel So Much Anxiety?A flailing Trump does not assuage liberal panic in the slightest.
  4. Gary Johnson Takes His #NeverTrump Pitch to Times SquarePeople see the light, sooner or later. I have faith in the American public.”
  5. A Trump Presidency Just Got a Lot Less Likely — and a Lot More TerrifyingDonald’s very good if very bad month.
  6. from the archives
    How New York Has Covered Hillary Clinton Over 24 YearsAs spouse, senator, loser, winner.
  7. George Pataki Briefly Publishes Vice-Presidential Campaign WebsiteThe hosting company apparently made a mistake and has prematurely made it searchable.”
  8. The Not-So-Hidden ‘Talents’ of the Republican CandidatesSinging and playing and shooting, oh my!
  9. Michele Bachmann’s Problem With Gay People Could Soon Become a Problem for HerEspecially when she starts using words like ‘garbage,’ ‘evil,’ and ‘enslavement’ to describe the lifestyle.
  10. Newt Gingrich’s Former Staff Was Pretty Worried About That Tiffany Charge AccountThe Gingriches were just so … GENEROUS. It was disgusting.
  11. Guy Complaining About Not Getting Hired in Anti-Obama Romney Video Had a Job AlreadyThat’s … compelling?
  12. Mitt Romney Will Save the Republican Party ... Next WeekHe’s really running for president, guys!
  13. Potential Presidential Candidate Mitch Daniels Receives Sixteen Stitches After Head WoundHe walked into a door. No, really.
  14. Rick Santorum: John McCain ‘Doesn’t Understand How Enhanced Interrogation Works’You’d have to be TORTURED to understand it really, see?
  15. Newt Gingrich’s Wife Dropped Between a Quarter and a Half Million Dollars at Tiffany & Co.That was at least one tenth of their worth.